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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
100 Million BC Dvx1.78Act/Adv/SciMichael Gross 2
12 Rounds R52.35Act/Cri/ThrJohn Cena 5
12 Rounds: Reloaded DVD1.78ActBrian Markinson 0
14 Hours DVD1.78Act/Dra/ThrRicky Schroder 6
1911 Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/His/WarJackie Chan 6
2-Headed Shark Attack DVD1.78Act/Hor/SciCarmen Electra 3
2 Fast 2 Furious DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrPaul Walker 5
2 Guns DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/Dra/ThrDenzel Washington 7
2 Guns: Zero Tolerance DVD{?}Act/Cri/ThrDustin Nguyen 4
2012 R52.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciJohn Cusack 6
2012 Blu2.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciJohn Cusack 6
2012: Ice Age Dvx1.78Act/SciPatrick Labyorteaux 2
2012: Supernova Dvx1.85Act/SciBrian Krause 2
2047 - Sights of Death DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrDanny Glover 3
22 Bullets Dvx2.35Act/Cri/ThrJean Reno 7
22 Jump Street DVD2.35Act/Com/CriJonah Hill 7
24 - (TV Series) DVD1.78Act/Cri/Dra/ThrKiefer Sutherland 9
24: Redemption Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Cri/Dra/ThrKiefer Sutherland 8
25th Reich (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciJim Knobeloch 3
3 Days to Kill DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrKevin Costner 6
3:10 to Yuma R52.35Act/Dra/WesRussell Crowe 8
30,000 Leagues Under the Sea DVD1.78Act/SciLorenzo Lamas 3
30:Minutes or Less Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Com/CriJesse Eisenberg 6
300 Dvx2.35Act/His/WarGerard Butler 8
300: Rise of an Empire DVD2.35Act/Dra/Fan/WarSullivan Stapleton 7
300: Rise of an Empire DVD2.35Act/Dra/Fan/WarSullivan Stapleton 7
47 Ronin DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanKeanu Reeves 6
4Got10 DVD2.35Act/Thr/WesJohnny Messner 4
5 Days of War Dvx2.35Act/Dra/WarRupert Friend 6
500 MPH Storm DVD1.78Act/SciCasper Van Dien 2
5th Wave (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrChloë Grace Moretz 5
6 Ways to Sundown DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrVinnie Jones 4
6th Day (The) DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 6
7 Seconds DVD1.85Act/Cri/ThrWesley Snipes 5
71 DVD2.35Act/Dra/ThrJack O'Connell 7
7th Voyage of Sinbad (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fam/FanKerwin Mathews 7
88 DVD2.35Act/ThrKatharine Isabelle 5
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
A-Team (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrLiam Neeson 7
A-Team (The) Blu2.35Act/Adv/ThrLiam Neeson 7
A-Team (The) - (TV Series) DVD37Act/Adv/CriGeorge Peppard 8
A-Team (The) - Series 1 DVD1.33Act/Com/Dra/WarGeorge Peppard 7
A Darker Fifty Shades The Fetish Set DVD{?}ActBill Oberst Jr. 4
A.W.O.L.: Absent Without Leave DVD1.85Act/Dra/SpoJean-Claude Van Damme 6
Abduction Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Mys/ThrJake Andolina 5
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter DVD2.35Act/Fan/Hor/ThrBenjamin Walker 6
Absolute deception DVD{?}ActCuba Gooding Jr. 4
Accidental Spy DVD2.35Act/Com/ThrJackie Chan 6
Accountant (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrBen Affleck 7
Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Com/MysJosh Flitter 2
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective DVD1.85Act/Com/Mys/ThrJim Carrey 6
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/MysJim Carrey 5
Act of Valor Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Thr/WarJason Cottle 7
Active Shooters DVD{?}Act/Com/CriJesse-Lee Lafferty 4
Adormidera DVD{?}Act/Adv/FanAndrei Claude 4
Adventures of Tintin (The) Dvx1.44Ani/Act/Adv/Fam/MysJamie Bell 8
Aeon Flux DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrCharlize Theron 6
After Earth DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciJaden Smith 5
After the Sunset DVD2.35Act/Com/CriPierce Brosnan 6
Against the Dark Dvx1.85Act/Hor/Sci/ThrSteven Seagal 3
Age of Dinosaurs DVD1.78Act/SciKenneth Adams 3
Age of Kill DVD{?}ActPhilip Davis 4
Age of the Dragons Dvx2.35Act/Fan/Sci/ThrDanny Glover 3
Age of Tomorrow DVD1.78Act/Sci/ThrKelly Hu 2
Aggression Scale (The) Dvx2.35Act/Cri/ThrRay Wise 6
Air Collision DVD1.78Act/Adv/ThrReginald VelJohnson 3
Airplane vs Volcano DVD1.78Act/DraDean Cain 2
Alexander DVD2.35Act/Adv/Bio/Dra/WarAnthony Hopkins 5
Alias - (TV Series) DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJennifer Garner 8
Alias - Series 3 DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJennifer Garner 8
Alias - Series 4 DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJennifer Garner 8
Alias - Series 5 DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJennifer Garner 8
Alien 3 DVD2.20Act/Dra/Hor/Sci/ThrSigourney Weaver 6
Alien Dawn DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrRachelle Dimaria 2
Alien outpost DVD1.85Act/Sci/ThrReiley McClendon 5
Alien Showdown: The Day the Old West Stood Still DVD19Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/WesRobert Amstler 2
Alien: Resurrection DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrSigourney Weaver 6
Aliens DVD1.85Act/Hor/Sci/ThrSigourney Weaver 8
All the Queen's Men DVD2.35Com/War/Act/DraMatt LeBlanc 4
Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls Dvx1.78ActSean Michael 5
Allegiant DVD2.35Act/Adv/Mys/Sci/ThrShailene Woodley 6
Almost Human DVD19Act/Cri/Dra/SciKarl Urban 8
Alone for Christmas DVD1.78Act/Com/Fam/FanDavid DeLuise 5
Alone in the Dark DVD2.35Act/Hor/ThrChristian Slater 2
Amazing Spider-Man (The) DVD2.35Act/Fan/ThrAndrew Garfield 8
Amazing Spider-Man 2 (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanAndrew Garfield 7
American Justice DVD{?}ActJohn Schneider 2
American Muscle DVD{?}ActNick Principe 4
American Outlaws DVD1.85Act/Com/WesColin Farrell 6
American Sniper Scn2.35Act/Bio/Dra/WarBradley Cooper 8
American Soldiers DVD{?}Act/Dra/His/WarCurtis Morgan 3
American Ultra DVD1.85Act/ComJesse Eisenberg 6
AmeriGeddon DVD1.85ActAliya Astaphan 4
Among Dead Men Dvx1.78Act/Cri/Hor/Mys/SpoAvelino 'El Rico' Lescot 5
Amphibious 3D 3D{?}Act/Hor/ThrMohammad Aditya 4
Anaconda DVD2.35Act/Adv/Hor/ThrJennifer Lopez 4
Anaconda III Dvx1.85Act/HorCrystal Allen 3
Android Cop DVD1.78Act/SciMichael Jai White 3
Angel of Death DVD2.00Act/Cri/ThrZoë Bell 5
Angels Around Me DVD19ActJoey Azzi 3
Angry Birds DVD1.85Ani/Act/Com/FamJason Sudeikis 6
Animal DVD1.85Act/DraVing Rhames 6
Animal 2 Rec{?}Act/DraVing Rhames 5
Anomaly (The) DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrNoel Clarke 5
Ant-Man DVD1.85Act/Adv/SciPaul Rudd 8
Any Which Way You Can DVD1.85Act/ComClint Eastwood 5
Apocalypse Z DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciChristian Boeving 2
Apocalypto (Embedded Sub Titles) Dvx1.85Act/Adv/DraRudy Youngblood 8
Apparitions DVD{?}Act/Dra/HorSiobhan Finneran 8
Appleseed Alpha DVD{?}Ani/Act/SciLuci Christian 7
Arena Dvx2.35Act/ThrSamuel L. Jackson 5
Ark DVD1.85Ani/Act/Dra/SciChiara Zanni 6
Armageddon DVD2.20Act/Dra/Rom/Sci/ThrBruce Willis 6
Armed Response DVD{?}Act/ComEthan Embry 5
Army of Darkness DVD1.85Act/Adv/Com/Fan/HorBruce Campbell 8
Around the World in 80 Days DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Fam/RomJackie Chan 6
Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon Dvx2.35Act/HisHae-il Park 7
Arrowhead DVD1.85Act/Adv/Mys/SciAleisha Rose 4
Assassin's Bullet DVD1.78Act/Dra/ThrChristian Slater 4
Assassin x DVD{?}ActOlivier Gruner 3
Assassination DVD{?}Act/ThrJohnny Messner 4
Assassination Games Dvx1.85Act/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 6
Assassins Run DVD1.85Act/Cri/ThrChristian Slater 4
Assault on Precinct 13 DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrEthan Hawke 6
Assault on wall street DVD1.78Act/Dra/ThrDominic Purcell 6
Asteroid vs. Earth DVD1.78Act/Adv/Sci/ThrTia Carrere 3
Astro Boy Dvx2.35Act/Ani/Fam/SciNicolas Cage 6
Atlantic Rim DVD1.78Act/SciDavid Chokachi 2
Atlantis: End of a World, Birth of a Legend DVD{?}Act/DraStephanie Leonidas 6
Atlantis: The Lost Empire DVD2.35Act/Adv/Ani/Fan/SciMichael J. Fox 6
Attila DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/His/WarGerard Butler 7
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/FanMike Myers 7
Automata DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrAntonio Banderas 6
Avatar Blu1.78Act/Adv/Fan/SciSam Worthington 8
Avatar 3d 3D1.78Act/Adv/Fan/SciSam Worthington 8
Avengers (The) DVD1.85Act/SciRobert Downey Jr. 9
Avengers (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/ThrRalph Fiennes 4
Avengers Grimm DVD1.78Act/Adv/Fan/SciCasper Van Dien 3
Avengers: Age of Ultron DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciRobert Downey Jr. 8
AVP: Alien vs. Predator DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrSanaa Lathan 5
AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem Dvx2.35Act/Hor/SciSteven Pasquale 6
Awaken DVD{?}Act/Hor/ThrEdward Furlong 3
Axe DVD{?}Act/Hor/ThrJason London 3
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Babylon 5 DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/SciJerry Doyle 8
Babylon A.D. DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrVin Diesel 5
Bad Ass Dvx1.85Act/DraDanny Trejo 5
Bad Asses DVD1.78Act/DraDanny Trejo 6
Bad Asses on the Bayou DVD1.78Act/DraDanny Trejo 5
Bad Boys DVD1.85Act/Com/Cri/Dra/ThrMartin Lawrence 6
Bad Boys II DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrMartin Lawrence 6
Bad Country DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrAmy Smart 6
Badges of Fury DVD2.35Act/Com/MysJet Li 5
Bait DVD1.85Act/Hor/ThrPhoebe Tonkin 6
Banged Up DVD{?}Act/DraTom Paliferro 6
Bangkok Dangerous Dvx1.85Act/Cri/ThrNicolas Cage 5
Bangrajan DVD1.85Act/Dra/His/WarJaran Ngamdee 7
Bare Knuckles Dvx{?}Act/DraMartin Kove 4
Barely Lethal DVD1.85Act/Adv/ComJaime King 5
Barrio Brawler DVD1.78Act/Cri/DraMarco Antonio Alvarez 4
Batman Begins DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrChristian Bale 8
Battle for Skyark DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fam/SciCaon Mortenson 3
Battle for the Planet of the Apes DVD2.35Act/SciRoddy McDowall 5
Battle Force Dvx{?}Act/WarScott Martin 3
Battle of Britain DVD2.35Act/Dra/His/WarHarry Andrews 7
Battle of the Damned DVD1.85Act/Adv/SciDolph Lundgren 5
Battle of the River Plate (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/Dra/His/WarJohn Gregson 6
Battle: Los Angeles Blu2.35Act/SciAaron Eckhart 6
Battlefield Earth DVD2.35Act/SciJohn Travolta 2
Battleship DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/Thr/WarTaylor Kitsch 6
Battlestar Galactica DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/SciEdward James Olmos 8
Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome DVD{?}Act/SciLuke Pasqualino 7
Battlestar Galactica: Razor DVD1.78Act/Dra/Sci/ThrEdward James Olmos 8
Battlestar Galactica: The Plan Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Dra/SciTricia Helfer 7
Baytown Outlaws (The) DVD2.35Act/Com/CriNatalie Martinez 6
Behind Enemy Lines: Axis of Evil DVD{?}Act/Thr/WarMatt Bushell 5
Belly of the Beast DVD1.85ActSteven Seagal 4
Ben-Hur DVD2.35Act/Adv/DraJack Huston 6
Ben-Hur DVD2.76Act/Adv/Dra/RomCharlton Heston 8
Ben Hur DVD{?}Act/DraKristin Kreuk 6
Beneath the Planet of the Apes DVD2.35Act/SciJames Franciscus 6
Beowulf R52.35Ani/Act/Adv/FanRay Winstone 7
Bermuda Tentacles DVD1.78Act/Hor/Sci/ThrTrevor Donovan 4
Betrayal DVD{?}Act/Dra/ThrErika Eleniak 4
Betrayal DVD{?}Act/Adv/Cri/Mys/ThrJack Topalian 4
Beverly Hills Cop DVD1.85Act/Com/Cri/Dra/ThrEddie Murphy 7
Beverly Hills Cop II DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrEddie Murphy 6
Beverly Hills Cop III DVD1.85Act/Com/Cri/ThrEddie Murphy 5
Beyond the Call to Duty DVD2.35Act/Dra/Sci/Thr/WarKevin Tanski 2
Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich DVD{?}Act/His/WarSean Patrick Flanery 4
Big Ass Spider DVD1.85Act/Com/SciLin Shaye 5
Big Hero 6 Scn2.35Ani/Act/Adv/Com/Fam/SciScott Adsit 8
Big Momma's House 2 DVD1.85Act/Com/ThrMartin Lawrence 4
Biker Boyz DVD1.85Act/Dra/CriLaurence Fishburne 4
Billy the Kid DVD{?}Act/WesDan Beck 3
Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru-Nui DVD{?}Ani/Act/Adv/FanChristopher Gaze 6
Bitch Slap Dvx2.35Act/Com/Cri/DraJulia Voth 5
Black Dawn DVD1.85ActSteven Seagal 4
Black Eagle DVD{?}Act/DraShô Kosugi 3
Black Hawk Down DVD2.35Act/Dra/WarJosh Hartnett 8
Black Opps aka Deadwater DVD1.85Act/Hor/ThrLance Henriksen 4
Black Rider: Revelation Road (The) DVD{?}Act/Dra/Fan/ThrJames Denton 5
Black Saturday DVD{?}ActDavid Garcia 3
Blackhat DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrChris Hemsworth 5
Blacks game DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrThor Kristjansson 7
Blade DVD2.35Act/Fan/Hor/ThrWesley Snipes 7
Blade II DVD1.85Act/Fan/Hor/ThrWesley Snipes 7
Blade Runner DVD2.20Act/Sci/ThrHarrison Ford 8
Blade: Trinity DVD2.35Act/Fan/Hor/ThrWesley Snipes 6
Blast! DVD1.78Act/Com/ThrEddie Griffin 5
Blood Diamond Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/ThrLeonardo DiCaprio 8
Blood Father DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrMel Gibson 6
Blood Money DVD20Act/ThrByron J. Brochmann 3
Blood of Redemption DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrDolph Lundgren 5
Blood Out Dvx1.78ActLuke Goss 4
Blood Shot DVD{?}Act/Com/HorBrad Dourif 3
Blood Work DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrClint Eastwood 6
BloodRayne DVD2.35Act/Com/FanKristanna Loken 3
Bloodrayne: The Third Reich Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Fan/HorNatassia Malthe 3
Bloodsport DVD1.85Act/Bio/Dra/SpoJean-Claude Van Damme 7
Bloodsport 2 DVD{?}Act/SpoDaniel Bernhardt 5
Bloodsport III DVD{?}Act/SpoDaniel Bernhardt 4
Bloodsport: The Dark Kumite DVD{?}Act/RomDaniel Bernhardt 3
Blue Lamp (The) DVD1.37Act/Cri/Dra/MysJack Warner 7
Blue Streak DVD1.85Act/Com/Cri/ThrMartin Lawrence 6
Blues Brothers (The) DVD1.37Act/Com/MscJohn Belushi 8
Blues Brothers 2000 DVD1.85Act/Com/MusDan Aykroyd 4
Body of Lies DVD2.35Act/Dra/ThrLeonardo DiCaprio 8
Bon Cop: Bad Cop Dvx2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrMichel Beaudry 7
Book of Eli (The) Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/ThrDenzel Washington 7
Boost DVD{?}Act/Cri/DraDanny Trejo 6
Born to Race: Fast Track DVD{?}ActBrett Davern 5
Born to Raise Hell Dvx1.78ActSteven Seagal 5
Born to Ride Dvx1.85Act/ComCasper Van Dien 4
Bounty Hunter (The) Dvx2.35Act/Com/Cri/RomJennifer Aniston 5
Bounty Killer DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrMatthew Marsden 5
Bourne Identity (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Mys/ThrMatt Damon 7
Bourne Legacy (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Mys/ThrJeremy Renner 7
Bourne Supremacy (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Mys/ThrMatt Damon 7
Bourne Ultimatum (The) R52.35Act/Adv/Mys/ThrMatt Damon 9
Boxer (The) Dvx{?}Act/Dra/SpoKelly Adams 5
Brave R52.35Ani/Act/Adv/Com/FamKelly Macdonald 8
Braveheart Blu2.35Act/Bio/Dra/His/WarMel Gibson 8
Breaking Point Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrTom Berenger 5
Breakout DVD{?}Act/ThrBrendan Fraser 4
Brick Mansions DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrPaul Walker 6
Bronson R51.85Act/Bio/Cri/DraTom Hardy 7
Brooklyn's Finest DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrRichard Gere 7
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - (TV Series) DVD37Act/Adv/SciGil Gerard 7
Bullet DVD{?}Act/Cri/ThrDanny Trejo 5
Bullet to the Head DVD1.85Act/Cri/ThrSylvester Stallone 6
Bulletproof Monk DVD2.35Act/Adv/ComYun-Fat Chow 5
Bullitt DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/ThrSteve McQueen 7
Bus Driver DVD{?}ActSteven Chase 4
Bushido Man DVD1.78ActMitsuki Koga 6
Business (The) DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/Dra/ThrDanny Dyer 7
Butcher Boys DVD1.78Act/Com/Hor/ThrAli Faulkner 4
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Captain America: Civil War DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Evans 8
Captain America: The First Avenger Dvx2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Evans 7
Captain America: The Winter Soldier DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Evans 8
Carnage Park DVD{?}Act/Cri/Hor/ThrAshley Bell 5
Carrier (The) DVD{?}Act/Dra/Sci/ThrEdmund Kingsley 4
Cartel war DVD1.85Act/Cri/DraJack Lucarelli 4
Casino Royale DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrDaniel Craig 8
Casshern Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciYusuke Iseya 6
Castle in the sky DVD1.85Act/Adv/Ani/Fam/Fan/SciMayumi Tanaka 8
Cats & Dogs DVD1.85Act/Adv/Com/FamJeff Goldblum 5
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore DVD1.85Act/Com/Fam/FanJames Marsden 4
Catwoman DVD2.35Act/Cri/FanHalle Berry 3
Cave (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrCole Hauser 5
Cell 211 Dvx1.78Act/DraLuis Tosar 8
Cellular DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrCaroline Aaron 7
Cemetery Gates DVD{?}Hor/Act/SciReggie Bannister 4
Central Intelligence DVD2.35Act/Com/CriDwayne Johnson 6
Centurion Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/HisMichael Fassbender 6
Centurion Blu2.35Act/Adv/Dra/HisMichael Fassbender 6
Certain Justice (A) DVD2.35Act/DraCung Le 4
Chain of command DVD1.33Act/ThrMichael Jai White 4
Chaos DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJason Statham 6
Chaperone (The) Dvx{?}Act/Com/FamPaul Levesque 4
Chappie DVD2.35Act/Cri/Sci/ThrSharlto Copley 7
Charlie DVD{?}Act/Cri/DraLuke Goss 5
Charlie's Angels DVD2.35Act/Adv/ComCameron Diaz 6
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/CriCameron Diaz 5
Checkmate DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrDanny Glover 4
Chi bi (Red Cliff) Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/WarTony Chiu Wai Leung 7
Chi bi xia: Jue zhan tian xia (Red Cliff 2) Dvx2.35Act/Dra/His/WarTony Chiu Wai Leung 8
Chicken Little DVD1.85Act/Adv/Ani/Com/Fam/SciZach Braff 6
Chinese Zodiac DVD2.35Act/AdvJackie Chan 6
Chocolate DVD1.85ActJeeJa Yanin 7
Choker DVD{?}Hor/Act/SciPaul Sloan 3
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/ThrBen Barnes 7
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion: the Witch and the Wardrobe (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Fam/FanGeorgie Henley 7
Chronicles of Riddick (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrVin Diesel 6
Circle of Pain Dvx1.78Act/DraTony Schiena 4
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Fan/ThrJohn C. Reilly 6
Citizen Soldier DVD{?}Doc/ActJordan Alex 5
Clash of the Titans Dvx2.35Act/Adv/FanSam Worthington 6
Clash of the Titans Blu2.35Act/Adv/FanSam Worthington 6
Clash of the Titans Dvx1.85Act/Adv/Fan/Fam/RomLaurence Olivier 7
Close Range DVD{?}Act/CriScott Adkins 5
Cloverfield Dvx1.85Act/Mys/Sci/ThrLizzy Caplan 8
Code Name: Geronimo DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/ThrCam Gigandet 5
Code Name: The Cleaner Dvx1.85Act/Com/CriCedric the Entertainer 3
Code Red DVD{?}Act/HorPaul Logan 4
Cold Light of Day (The) Dvx2.35Act/ThrHenry Cavill 5
Collateral Damage DVD1.85Act/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 5
Collection (The) DVD2.35Act/Hor/ThrJosh Stewart 6
Colombiana Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrZoe Saldana 6
Colony (The) DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrLaurence Fishburne 5
Common Outlaws DVD{?}Act/Dra/WesLouie Iaccarino 5
Company of Heroes DVD1.78Act/WarTom Sizemore 5
Conan the Barbarian DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanArnold Schwarzenegger 7
Conan the Barbarian Blu2.35Act/Adv/FanJason Momoa 5
Conan the Barbarian Dvx2.35Act/Adv/FanArnold Schwarzenegger 7
Condemned (The) DVD1.85Act/ThrSteve Austin 6
Condorman DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Dra/FamMichael Crawford 5
Confessions of a Pit Fighter Dvx1.85Act/DraArmand Assante 6
Congo DVD1.85Act/Adv/Mys/SciLaura Linney 4
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes DVD2.35Act/SciRoddy McDowall 6
Constantine DVD2.35Act/Dra/Fan/Hor/ThrKeanu Reeves 7
Contraband Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrRobert Wahlberg 7
Contract Killers DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrRenee Cataldo 4
Convergence DVD{?}Act/Mys/ThrClayne Crawford 4
Convict DVD1.85Act/Cri/DraGeorge Basha 5
Convoy DVD2.35Act/Com/DraKris Kristofferson 6
Cop Out Dvx2.35Act/Com/CriBruce Willis 6
Count of Monte Cristo (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/Dra/ThrJim Caviezel 7
Countdown DVD{?}ActNick Nemeth 0
Courier (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrMickey Rourke 4
Covenant (The) Dvx2.35Act/Hor/ThrSteven Strait 5
Cowboys & Aliens Dvx2.35Act/Sci/Thr/WesDaniel Craig 6
Cowboys vs Dinosaurs DVD{?}Act/SciEric Roberts 3
Cradle 2 the Grave DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJet Li 5
Crank DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJason Statham 7
Crank: High Voltage R51.85Act/Cri/ThrJason Statham 6
Crash N' Burn Dvx{?}Act/Cri/ThrErik Palladino 5
Crazies (The) Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Hor/MysTimothy Olyphant 7
Criminal DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrKevin Costner 6
Crimson Rivers DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrJean Reno 6
Croczilla DVD{?}Act/Com/Hor/Dra/ThrTao Guo 4
Crouching tiger hidden dragon DVD2.35Act/Dra/Fan/ThrYun-Fat Chow 8
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/FanDonnie Yen 6
Crow (The) DVD1.85Act/Cri/Fan/Rom/ThrBrandon Lee 8
Crow: Salvation (The) DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/Hor/ThrKirsten Dunst 5
Crusade DVD1.33Act/Dra/SciGary Cole 7
Crusader DVD1.85Act/ThrAndrew McCarthy 4
Curse Of The Golden Flower DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/RomYun-Fat Chow 7
Cutter (The) DVD1.85Act/Dra/ThrChuck Norris 5
Cypher DVD1.85Act/Mys/Sci/ThrJeremy Northam 7
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Damage Dvx1.78Act/DraSteve Austin 6
Dance Flick Dvx1.85Act/Com/MscShoshana Bush 3
Dangerous Man (A) Dvx1.85Act/ThrSteven Seagal 5
Danny the Dog DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJet Li 7
Daredevil DVD2.35Act/Cri/Fan/ThrBen Affleck 6
Dark Blue DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrKurt Russell 7
Dark Knight (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrChristian Bale 9
Dark Knight (The) Blu2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrChristian Bale 9
Dark Knight (The) 3D2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrChristian Bale 9
Dark Knight Rises (The) DVD1.44Act/Cri/Dra/ThrChristian Bale 9
Dark Lurking (The) Dvx2.35Act/Hor/SciAash Aaron 3
Darkest Hour (The) Dvx2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrEmile Hirsch 5
David and Goliath DVD{?}Act/Adv/DraMatt Berberi 2
Dawn of the Dead DVD2.35Act/Dra/Hor/ThrSarah Polley 7
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes DVD1.85Act/Dra/Sci/ThrAndy Serkis 8
Day After Tomorrow (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Sci/ThrDennis Quaid 6
Day the Earth Stopped (The) Dvx1.78Act/SciC. Thomas Howell 3
Daybreakers Dvx2.35Act/Hor/ThrHarriet Minto-Day 7
Daylight's End DVD2.35Act/Fan/Hor/SciJohnny Strong 5
Days of Thunder DVD2.20Act/Dra/Rom/SpoTom Cruise 5
Dead Drop DVD{?}Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrCole Hauser 4
Dead Hooker in a Trunk DVD2.35Act/Hor/Mys/ThrRikki Gagne 4
Dead in 5 Heartbeats DVD{?}Act/Adv/Cri/DraJeff Black 6
Dead in Tombstone DVD1.78Act/Fan/Hor/WesDanny Trejo 4
Dead Lands (The) DVD2.35ActJames Rolleston 6
Dead Man Down DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrColin Farrell 7
Dead Man Running Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrDanny Dyer 6
Dead Meat DVD{?}Act/Com/Hor/SciMarian Araujo 5
Dead Pool (The) Blu1.85Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrClint Eastwood 6
Dead Rising: Endgame DVD2.35Act/HorJesse Metcalfe 5
Dead Sea DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrJames Duval 4
Dead the Damned and the Darkness (The) DVD19Act/Hor/ThrRobert Tweten 3
Deadpool DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Rom/SciRyan Reynolds 8
Death and Life of Bobby Z (The) Dvx2.35Act/Cri/DraPaul Walker 6
Death Race DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJason Statham 7
Death Race 2 Blu1.78Act/Sci/ThrLuke Goss 6
Death Race 2000 DVD1.85Act/Sci/SpoDavid Carradine 6
Death Race 2050 DVD{?}Act/Com/SciManu Bennett 4
Death Racers Dvx1.78Act/Hor/SpoViolent J 2
Death Ring DVD1.33ActMike Norris 4
Death Sentence Dvx2.35Act/Dra/ThrKevin Bacon 7
Death Train Dvx1.78ActJef Bayonne 4
Debt (The) Dvx2.35Act/Dra/ThrHelen Mirren 7
Deep Blue Sea DVD2.35Act/Hor/ThrThomas Jane 5
Deep Dark Canyon DVD{?}Act/Dra/ThrTed Levine 5
Deep Rising DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciTreat Williams 5
Defender (The) DVD1.85ActJet Li 6
Deja Vu Dvx2.35Act/Rom/Sci/ThrDenzel Washington 7
Demolisher (The) DVD2.35Act/Hor/ThrRy Barrett 3
Demolition Man DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/SciSylvester Stallone 6
Der rote Baron DVD2.35Act/Adv/Bio/Dra/Rom/WarTom s Koutn k 6
Derailed DVD1.85Act/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 3
Desperado DVD1.85Act/Cri/ThrAntonio Banderas 7
Detonator (The) DVD1.85Act/ThrWesley Snipes 5
Devil's Den (The) Dvx{?}Act/Com/HorSteven Schub 5
Devil's Playground Blu2.35Act/HorJaime Murray 5
Devil s Tomb (The) Scn1.85Act/Hor/Sci/ThrCuba Gooding Jr. 4
Devils of War DVD{?}Act/HorJerry L. Buxbaum 2
Diablo DVD{?}Act/Adv/Thr/WesScott Eastwood 4
Diamond Dogs DVD1.85Act/AdvDolph Lundgren 5
Diamonds Are Forever DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrSean Connery 7
Die Another Day DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrPierce Brosnan 6
Die Hard DVD2.20Act/Cri/ThrBruce Willis 8
Die Hard 2 DVD2.20Act/Adv/ThrBruce Willis 7
Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free or Die Hard) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Cri/ThrBruce Willis 8
Die Hard: With a Vengeance DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrBruce Willis 7
Direct Contact Dvx1.85Act/ThrDolph Lundgren 4
Dirty Dozen (The) DVD1.75Act/Com/Dra/WarLee Marvin 8
Dirty Harry Blu2.35Act/Cri/ThrClint Eastwood 8
District 13 Dvx2.35Act/Cri/SciCyril Raffaelli 7
District 9 Blu1.85Act/Dra/Sci/ThrSharlto Copley 8
Divergent DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrShailene Woodley 7
DOA: Dead or Alive DVD2.35Act/AdvJaime Pressly 5
Dog Soldiers DVD1.85Act/HorSean Pertwee 7
Doing Hard Time DVD1.85Act/DraBoris Kodjoe 4
Donkey Dvx2.35Act/Cri/DraMatthew Stefiuk 4
Doom DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrKarl Urban 5
Doomsday DVD2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrCaryn Peterson 7
Double (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrRichard Gere 6
Dr Limptooth DVD{?}Act/Com/HorJulie Gonzalo 4
Dracula: The Dark Prince DVD{?}Act/FanLuke Roberts 4
Dragon Blade DVD2.35Act/Adv/DraJackie Chan 6
Dragon Crusaders Dvx1.78Act/Adv/FanDylan Jones 3
Dragon Eyes Dvx2.35Act/Cri/DraJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Dragon Wars DVD2.35Act/Dra/FanJason Behr 4
Dragon Wasps DVD1.85Act/SciCorin Nemec 3
Dragonball Evolution R52.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciJustin Chatwin 3
Dragonheart DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanDennis Quaid 6
Dredd DVD2.35Act/Cri/Sci/ThrKarl Urban 7
Drive Angry Blu1.85Act/Fan/ThrNicolas Cage 6
Drive Hard DVD{?}Act/Com/CriJohn Cusack 4
Driven to Kill Dvx1.85Act/Cri/ThrSteven Seagal 5
Drum DVD{?}Act/DraWarren Oates 4
Dudes and dragons DVD{?}Act/Com/FanJames Marsters 4
Dudesons Movie (The) Dvx1.85Doc/Act/ComJarno Leppälä 6
Duel DVD1.33Act/Mys/ThrDennis Weaver 8
Dukes of Hazzard (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/ComJohnny Knoxville 5
Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning (The) Dvx{?}Act/Adv/ComJonathan Bennett 4
Dungeons & Dragons DVD1.85Act/Adv/FanJeremy Irons 4
Dust of War DVD2.35Act/SciSteven Luke 4
Dust Up DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Hor/Thr/WesAmber Benson 5
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Eagle Eye DVD1.44Act/Cri/Mys/ThrShia LaBeouf 7
Earthfall DVD1.78Act/SciJoe Lando 3
Edge of Tomorrow DVD2.35Act/SciTom Cruise 8
Eight Legged Freaks DVD2.35Act/Com/Hor/SciDavid Arquette 5
Electra DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrShannon Tweed 3
Elephant White Dvx2.35Act/Cri/ThrKevin Bacon 5
Elysium DVD2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrMatt Damon 7
Emperor and the White Snake (The) DVD2.35Act/FanJet Li 6
Empire of Assassins Dvx{?}ActMiu Tse 4
Empire State DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrEmma Roberts 5
Ender's Game DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciAsa Butterfield 7
Enemies Among Us Dvx{?}Act/Dra/ThrLilly Aguillard 2
Enemies Closer DVD2.35Act/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Enemy at the Gates DVD2.35Act/Dra/His/Thr/WarJude Law 7
Enemy of the State DVD2.35Act/Dra/ThrWill Smith 7
Enforcer (The) Blu2.35Act/Cri/ThrClint Eastwood 7
Enter the Dragon DVD2.35Act/ThrBruce Lee 7
Equalizer (The) DVD37Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrEdward Woodward 8
Equalizer (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrDenzel Washington 7
Equilibrium DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrDominic Purcell 8
Era of Vampire (The) DVD1.85Act/HorKwok-Kwan Chan 4
Eragon DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fam/FanEd Speleers 5
Escape from Alcatraz DVD1.85Act/Bio/Cri/Dra/ThrClint Eastwood 8
Escape from the Planet of the Apes DVD2.35Act/Dra/SciRoddy McDowall 6
Escape Plan DVD2.35Act/Mys/ThrSylvester Stallone 7
Essex Boys: Law of Survival DVD{?}Act/Cri/DraJesse Birdsall 4
Everly DVD2.35Act/ThrSalma Hayek 5
Every Which Way But Loose DVD1.85Act/ComClint Eastwood 6
Evil Dead II DVD1.85Act/Com/Fan/HorBruce Campbell 8
Exit to Hell DVD{?}Act/Hor/ThrKane Hodder 4
Exodus: Gods and Kings DVD2.35Act/Adv/DraChristian Bale 6
Exorcist: The Beginning DVD2.00Act/Adv/Hor/ThrStellan Skarsgård 5
Expatriate (The) Dvx2.35Act/ThrOlga Kurylenko 5
Expendables (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Thr/WarSylvester Stallone 7
Expendables (The) Blu2.35Act/Adv/Thr/WarSylvester Stallone 7
Expendables 2 (The) R52.35Act/ThrSylvester Stallone 8
Expendables 3 (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrSylvester Stallone 6
Extraction DVD{?}ActJon Foo 5
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciIoan Gruffudd 6
Fantastic Four DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciMiles Teller 4
Fantastic Four DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciIoan Gruffudd 6
Fast Furious R52.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrVin Diesel 7
Fast Furious Blu2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrVin Diesel 7
Fast & Furious 5 Dvx2.35Act/Cri/ThrVin Diesel 7
Fast & Furious 5 Blu2.35Act/Cri/ThrVin Diesel 7
Fast & Furious 7 DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrVin Diesel 8
Fast and the Furious (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrPaul Walker 6
Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrLucas Black 5
Fast Lane DVD{?}Act/DraMelina Lizette 4
Faster Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrDwayne Johnson 7
FDR: American Badass! Dvx{?}Act/ComBarry Bostwick 6
Fearless DVD2.35Act/DraJet Li 8
Fifth Commandment (The) DVD{?}Act/Com/Cri/Dra/ThrRick Yune 5
Fifth Commandment (The) DVD{?}Act/Com/Cri/Dra/ThrRick Yune 5
Fifty Dead Men Walking Dvx2.35Act/ThrTom Collins 6
Fight to the Finish DVD{?}Act/Rom/SpoTonya Kay 4
Fighter in the wind DVD1.85Act/Bio/DraDong-kun Yang 7
Final Contract: Death on Delivery Dvx{?}ActDrew Fuller 6
Final Engagement DVD1.85ActPeter Greene 4
Final Girl DVD{?}Act/Dra/ThrAbigail Breslin 4
Fire on the Amazon DVD1.85Act/AdvCraig Sheffer 3
Fire Twister DVD{?}Act/Adv/Sci/ThrRyan Barr 4
Fire with Fire DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJosh Duhamel 5
Firehouse Dog DVD1.85Act/Com/FamJosh Hutcherson 4
Firepower DVD{?}Act/CriArt Camacho 5
Firequake DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrAlexandra Paul 4
First Blood DVD2.35Act/Dra/ThrSylvester Stallone 7
Fistful of Dollars DVD2.35Act/WesClint Eastwood 8
Flags of Our Fathers DVD2.35Act/Dra/His/WarRyan Phillippe 7
Flash Gordon DVD2.20Act/Com/Fan/SciSam J. Jones 6
Flight of Fury Dvx1.85Act/ThrSteven Seagal 4
Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane Dvx1.85Act/Hor/SciDavid Chisum 5
Flight of the Phoenix DVD2.35Act/Adv/DraDennis Quaid 6
Flight World War II DVD1.78Act/Adv/Sci/WarFaran Tahir 4
Flightplan DVD2.35Act/Dra/Mys/ThrJodie Foster 6
Flood Dvx1.85Act/DraRobert Carlyle 6
Flu (The) DVD2.35Act/Dra/SciHyuk Jang 7
Flyboys DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/WarJames Franco 7
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate DVD2.35Act/AdvJet Li 6
Fog (The) DVD2.35Act/Hor/Mys/ThrTom Welling 3
For A Few Dollars More DVD2.35Act/Dra/Thr/WesClint Eastwood 8
For Your Eyes Only DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrRoger Moore 7
Forbidden Kingdom (The) R52.35Act/Adv/Com/Fan/RomJet Li 7
Forbidden Warrior DVD2.35Adv/Act/FanMarie Matiko 4
Force of Execution DVD1.78ActDanny Trejo 0
Forced to Fight DVD1.78ActGary Daniels 4
Foreigner (The) DVD1.85ActSteven Seagal 3
Fortress Dvx2.35Act/Dra/WarBug Hall 5
Four Brothers DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrMark Wahlberg 7
Frankenstein's Army DVD1.78Act/Hor/SciKarel Roden 5
Freddy vs. Jason DVD2.35Act/Fan/HorRobert Englund 6
Free State of Jones DVD1.85Act/Bio/Dra/His/WarMatthew McConaughey 7
Freelancers DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/MysRobert De Niro 4
Freetown DVD{?}Act/Dra/ThrHenry Adofo 4
Freezer DVD2.35Act/ThrDylan McDermott 5
Friday Night Lights DVD2.35Act/Dra/SpoBilly Bob Thornton 7
Friday the 13th Part 2 DVD1.85Act/Hor/Mys/ThrAmy Steel 5
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives DVD1.85Act/Hor/ThrThom Mathews 5
From Paris with Love Dvx2.35Act/Cri/ThrJohn Travolta 6
Full Clip DVD{?}Act/ThrShaun Baker 3
Full Contact DVD{?}Act/Cri/Dra/Spo/ThrJerry Trimble 6
Full English Breakfast DVD{?}Act/Cri/Mys/ThrDave Courtney 3
Furious 6 Dvx2.35Act/Cri/ThrVin Diesel 7
Fury DVD2.35Act/Dra/WarBrad Pitt 8
Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder Dvx1.78Act/Ani/Com/SciBilly West 7
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
G-Force DVD1.85Act/Adv/Com/FamBill Nighy 5
G.I. Joe: Retaliation DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrDwayne Johnson 6
G.I. Joe: The Movie DVD1.33Act/Adv/Ani/Fam/Fan/SciCharles Adler 7
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrAdewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje 6
Gallowwalkers DVD2.35Act/Fan/Hor/Thr/WesWesley Snipes 4
Game of Death Dvx2.35Act/AdvWesley Snipes 5
Gamer Dvx1.85Act/Sci/ThrGerard Butler 6
Gangs of Brooklyn DVD{?}Act/CriNatalie Allen 4
Gangs of Tooting Broadway DVD{?}Act/Cri/Dra/ThrTerence Anderson 4
Gangster Exchange Dvx1.78ActChristopher Russell 5
Gangster Squad DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrSean Penn 7
George of the Jungle DVD1.85Act/Adv/Com/Fam/RomBrendan Fraser 5
Get Smart Dvx1.85Act/Com/ThrSteve Carell 7
Get the Gringo DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrMel Gibson 7
Getaway DVD2.35Act/CriEthan Hawke 4
Ghost Rider Dvx2.35Act/Fan/ThrMatt Long 5
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Dvx2.35Act/Fan/ThrNicolas Cage 5
Ghost Storm DVD{?}Act/Hor/SciCrystal Allen 4
Ghostbusters DVD2.35Act/Com/Fan/SciZach Woods 5
Ghosts of Mars DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciNatasha Henstridge 5
Girl from the Naked Eye (The) Dvx2.35Act/Rom/ThrJason Yee 5
Gladiator DVD2.35Act/Adv/DraRussell Crowe 8
Gladiator Blu2.35Act/Adv/DraRussell Crowe 8
Gods and Generals DVD2.35Act/Dra/His/WarJeff Daniels 6
Gods of Egypt DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanBrenton Thwaites 6
Godzilla DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrAaron Taylor-Johnson 7
Golden Compass (The) Scn2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Fam/Fan/ThrNicole Kidman 7
Golden Voyage of Sinbad (The) DVD1.66Act/Adv/Fam/FanJohn Phillip Law 6
Goldfinger DVD1.37Act/Adv/ThrSean Connery 8
Gone in Sixty Seconds DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrNicolas Cage 6
Good Day to Die Hard (A) DVD1.85Act/Cri/ThrBruce Willis 6
Good Man (A) DVD1.78Act/Cri/ThrRon Balicki 5
Grandmaster (The) DVD2.35Act/Bio/DraTony Chiu Wai Leung 6
Great Escape (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/WarSteve McQueen 8
Great Raid (The) DVD2.35Act/Dra/WarBenjamin Bratt 7
Green Berets (The) DVD2.35Act/Dra/WarJohn Wayne 5
Green Lantern Blu2.35Act/Adv/Fan/Sci/ThrRyan Reynolds 6
Green Lantern Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Fan/Sci/ThrRyan Reynolds 6
Green Lantern 3D2.35Act/Adv/Fan/Sci/ThrRyan Reynolds 6
Green Street 3: Never Back Down DVD2.35Act/DraScott Adkins 6
Green Zone R52.35Act/Dra/Thr/WarYigal Naor 7
Grey (The) Scn2.35Act/Adv/Dra/ThrLiam Neeson 8
Gridlocked DVD2.35ActDominic Purcell 6
Grimsby DVD2.35Act/Adv/ComSacha Baron Cohen 6
Guardian (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/DraKevin Costner 7
Guardians of the Galaxy DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Pratt 8
Guest (The) DVD{?}Act/Mys/ThrDan Stevens 7
Gun Woman DVD1.78Act/ThrAsami 4
Gunman (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrSean Penn 6
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Haeundae (Tidal wave) Dvx2.35Act/Dra/ThrKyung-gu Sol 6
Half Past Dead DVD1.85Act/Cri/ThrSteven Seagal 4
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn DVD2.35Act/SciRobin August 7
Halo Legends Dvx1.78Act/Ani/SciJames Faulkner 6
Halo: Nightfall DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrSteven Waddington 6
Hammer of the Gods DVD2.35Act/Adv/HisCharlie Bewley 4
Hancock DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/Dra/Fan/ThrWill Smith 7
Hands of Stone DVD{?}Act/Bio/Dra/SpoEdgar Ramírez 7
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters DVD2.35Act/Fan/HorJeremy Renner 6
Hard Corps (The) DVD1.85ActJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Hard Rush DVD2.35Act/Cri/DraDolph Lundgren 5
Hardcore Henry DVD1.85Act/Adv/Sci/ThrSharlto Copley 7
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/Thr/WesMickey Rourke 6
Harrigan DVD2.35Act/CriIan Whyte 5
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/MysDaniel Radcliffe 7
Hate Crime DVD{?}Act/Hor/ThrJody Barton 5
Hayride 2 DVD19Act/Hor/ThrSherri Eakin 3
Haywire Dvx2.35Act/ThrGina Carano 6
He Who Dares DVD{?}Act/Cri/ThrTom Benedict Knight 3
He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege DVD{?}ActTom Benedict Knight 3
Heartbreak Ridge DVD1.85Act/Com/Dra/WarClint Eastwood 7
Heat (The) DVD2.35Act/Com/CriSandra Bullock 7
Helen of Troy DVD{?}Act/Adv/Dra/RomSienna Guillory 6
Hell Ride Dvx2.35Act/Adv/ThrLarry Bishop 6
Hellboy DVD1.37Act/Adv/Fan/Hor/SciRon Perlman 7
Hellboy II: The Golden Army DVD1.85Act/Adv/FanRon Perlman 8
Hells Angels on Wheels DVD1.85Act/Dra/ThrAdam Roarke 5
Hercules DVD2.35Act/AdvDwayne Johnson 6
Hercules Reborn DVD1.78Act/AdvJohn Hennigan 4
Here Comes the Boom DVD1.85Act/ComKevin James 6
Hero Wanted DVD1.85Act/Cri/DraCuba Gooding Jr. 7
Hidalgo DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/WesViggo Mortensen 7
Highlander: Endgame DVD2.35Act/SciAdrian Paul 4
Highlander: The Source DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciAdrian Paul 3
Hijacked DVD{?}Act/ThrRandy Couture 4
Hirokin Dvx{?}Act/Adv/Dra/Fan/SciWes Bentley 3
History of Violence (A) DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/ThrViggo Mortensen 8
Hit and Run DVD2.35Act/Com/RomKristen Bell 6
Hit List (The) Dvx{?}Act/ThrCuba Gooding Jr. 5
Hitcher (The) Dvx2.35Act/Hor/ThrSean Bean 5
Hitman R52.35Act/Cri/ThrTimothy Olyphant 6
Hitman: Agent 47 DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrAngelababy 6
Hobo with a Shotgun Dvx2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrRutger Hauer 7
Hollow Man II DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrChristian Slater 5
Hollywood Homicide DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrHarrison Ford 5
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York DVD1.37Act/Adv/Com/Cri/Fam/ThrMacaulay Culkin 5
Home Alone 3 DVD1.85Act/Com/Cri/FamAlex D. Linz 3
Home of the Brave DVD2.35Act/Dra/WarSamuel L. Jackson 6
Homefront DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrJason Statham 7
Honor and glory DVD{?}ActCynthia Rothrock 4
Hood DVD19ActThea Camara 4
Horrors of War DVD1.78Act/Hor/Sci/WarJon Osbeck 3
Host (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Rom/Sci/ThrRachel Roberts 6
Hostage DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrBruce Willis 7
Hot Boyz DVD{?}Act/Cri/DraGary Busey 4
Hot Fuzz DVD2.35Act/Com/CriSimon Pegg 8
Hot Pursuit DVD2.35Act/Com/CriReese Witherspoon 5
Hotel Inferno DVD19Act/HorRayner Bourton 4
House of the Dead II: Dead Aim DVD1.85Act/Com/HorEmmanuelle Vaugier 4
House of the Rising Sun Dvx1.85Act/Cri/Dra/ThrDave Bautista 4
How to Train Your Dragon 2 DVD2.35Ani/Act/Adv/Com/Fam/FanJay Baruchel 8
Hulk DVD1.85Act/Dra/Fan/Sci/ThrEric Bana 6
Human Race (The) DVD1.85Act/Hor/SciPaul McCarthy-Boyington 6
Hunger Games (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciStanley Tucci 7
Hunger Games: Catching Fire (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJennifer Lawrence 8
Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/Thr/WarMark Dacascos 4
Hunt for Gollum (The) Dvx2.20Srt/Act/Adv/FanAdrian Webster 7
Hunt for Red October (The) DVD2.20Act/Adv/ThrSean Connery 8
Hunted (The) DVD1.85Act/Dra/ThrTommy Lee Jones 6
Huntsman: Winter's War (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/FanChris Hemsworth 6
Hurt Locker (The) DVD1.85Act/Dra/Thr/WarJeremy Renner 8
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
I Am Legend Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Fan/Hor/Sci/ThrWill Smith 8
I Am Number Four Blu1.85Act/Sci/ThrAlex Pettyfer 6
I Am Soldier DVD2.35Act/Thr/WarDuncan Casey 4
I Am Wrath DVD{?}Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJohn Travolta 5
I, Frankenstein DVD2.35Act/Fan/SciAaron Eckhart 5
I: Robot DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrWill Smith 7
I: Robot Blu2.35Act/Sci/ThrWill Smith 7
Ice DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrRichard Roxburgh 4
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs R51.85Act/Adv/Ani/ComEunice Cho 7
Ice Sharks DVD1.78Act/Adv/Hor/SciEdward DeRuiter 3
Ice Soldiers DVD2.35Act/SciDominic Purcell 4
ID2: Shadwell Army DVD{?}ActSimon Rivers 5
Immortals Blu1.85Act/Dra/FanHenry Cavill 6
Immortals 3D1.85Act/Dra/FanHenry Cavill 6
Immortel (ad vitam) DVD1.85Act/Dra/SciLinda Hardy 6
Impostor DVD1.85Act/Dra/Sci/ThrGary Sinise 6
In-Laws (The) DVD1.85Act/ComMichael Douglas 6
In Hell DVD1.85Act/Dra/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 6
In the Heart of the Sea DVD1.85Act/Adv/Bio/Dra/His/ThrChris Hemsworth 7
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/FanJason Statham 4
In Time Dvx2.35Act/Sci/ThrCillian Murphy 7
Inception Blu2.35Act/Cri/Mys/SciLeonardo DiCaprio 9
Incredible Hulk (The) Dvx2.35Act/Sci/ThrEdward Norton 8
Incredibles (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Ani/Com/Fam/Fan/SciCraig T. Nelson 8
Independence Day DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrWill Smith 6
Independence Day Blu2.35Act/Sci/ThrWill Smith 6
Independence Daysaster DVD{?}Act/SciCasey Dubois 4
Independents' Day DVD1.78Act/SciFay Gauthier 2
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull DVD2.35Act/AdvHarrison Ford 7
Infestation Dvx1.85Act/Com/Hor/SciDiane Gaeta 6
Inhabited Island Dvx{?}Act/Adv/SciIgnat Akrachkov 5
Interrogation DVD{?}Act/ThrJulia Benson 5
Interview with a Hitman DVD{?}Act/ThrLuke Goss 6
Into the Blue DVD2.35Act/Adv/Cri/Dra/ThrPaul Walker 6
Into the Storm DVD1.85Act/ThrRichard Armitage 6
Into the Sun DVD1.85Act/Adv/ThrSteven Seagal 4
Into the White Dvx{?}Act/Dra/His/WarFlorian Lukas 7
Invasion (The) Scn1.85Act/Dra/Hor/Sci/ThrNicole Kidman 6
Invincible Iron Man (The) Dvx1.78Ani/Act/Adv/Fan/SciMarc Worden 6
Iron Man Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Sci/ThrRobert Downey Jr. 8
Iron Man Blu2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Sci/ThrRobert Downey Jr. 8
Iron Man 2 Dvx2.35Act/Adv/SciRobert Downey Jr. 7
Iron Man 2 Blu2.35Act/Adv/SciRobert Downey Jr. 7
Iron Man 3 DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciRobert Downey Jr. 8
Iron Sky Dvx2.35Act/Com/SciJulia Dietze 7
Ironclad Blu2.35Act/AdvJames Purefoy 6
Ironclad: Battle for Blood DVD2.35Act/AdvMichelle Fairley 4
Island (The) DVD2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrEwan McGregor 7
Italian Job (The) DVD2.35Act/Com/CriMichael Caine 7
Italian Job (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Cri/ThrMark Wahlberg 7
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Dvx1.85Act/Com/HorRobert Englund 6
Jack Reacher DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrTom Cruise 7
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit DVD2.35Act/Cri/Mys/ThrChris Pine 6
Jack the Giant Killer DVD1.78Act/FanBen Cross 2
Jackass 2.5 DVD{?}Act/ComJason 'Wee Man' Acuña 7
Jackass 3D Dvx1.78Doc/Act/ComJohnny Knoxville 7
James Bond 007: From Russia with Love DVD{?}Act/Adv/ThrSean Connery 8
James Bond Quantum of Solace R52.35ActDaniel Craig 7
Jane Got a Gun DVD2.35Act/Dra/WesNatalie Portman 6
Jarhead DVD2.35Act/Bio/Dra/WarJake Gyllenhaal 7
Jarhead 2: Field of Fire DVD2.35Act/Dra/WarDaniel Coetzer 6
Jason and the Argonauts DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fam/FanTodd Armstrong 7
Jason Bourne DVD2.35Act/ThrMatt Damon 7
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday DVD1.85Act/Hor/SciKane Hodder 4
Java Heat DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrKellan Lutz 5
Jerusalema Dvx2.35Act/Cri/DraDaniel Buckland 9
Job (The) DVD1.78Act/Cri/DraDaryl Hannah 5
John Carter Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciTaylor Kitsch 7
John Wick DVD2.35Act/ThrKeanu Reeves 7
Johnny English DVD1.85Act/Adv/Com/FamRowan Atkinson 6
Johnny Mnemonic DVD1.85Act/SciKeanu Reeves 5
Johnny Was DVD{?}Act/Cri/Dra/ThrVinnie Jones 6
Jonah Hex Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Thr/WesJosh Brolin 5
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Dvx1.85Act/Adv/Com/Fam/FanDwayne Johnson 6
Journey to the Center of the Earth DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fam/Fan/Sci/ThrBrendan Fraser 6
Joy Ride: Dead Ahead DVD1.85Act/Hor/ThrNicki Aycox 5
Judge Dredd DVD2.35Act/Cri/SciSylvester Stallone 5
Jumper R52.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrHayden Christensen 6
Jupiter Ascending DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciMila Kunis 6
Jurassic Attack DVD{?}Act/Hor/SciGary Stretch 2
Jurassic Park DVD1.85Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrSam Neill 8
Jurassic Park III DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fan/Hor/Sci/ThrSam Neill 6
Jurassic Shark DVD{?}Act/Hor/SciEmanuelle Carriere 2
Jurassic World DVD2.00Act/Adv/Sci/ThrChris Pratt 7
Justice Dvx2.35Act/Dra/ThrNicolas Cage 6
Justified series 1 - 4 DVD1.78Act/Cri/Dra/ThrTimothy Olyphant 9
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
K-9: P.I. DVD1.85Act/Com/CriJames Belushi 5
Karate Dog (The) DVD{?}Act/Com/Cri/Fam/SciJon Voight 3
Karate Kid (The) Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Fam/SpoJaden Smith 6
Keeper (The) DVD1.78Act/Cri/ThrSteven Seagal 5
Kelly's Heroes DVD2.20Act/Com/WarClint Eastwood 7
Kick-Ass DVD2.35Act/Adv/Cri/ThrAaron Taylor-Johnson 8
Kick-Ass Blu2.35Act/Adv/Cri/ThrAaron Taylor-Johnson 8
Kick-Ass 2 DVD2.35Act/Com/CriAaron Taylor-Johnson 7
Kickboxer DVD1.85Act/SpoJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Kickboxer: Vengeance DVD{?}ActAlain Moussi 5
Kill 'em All DVD{?}Act/Cri/ThrJohnny Messner 4
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrUma Thurman 8
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Blu2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrUma Thurman 8
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 DVD1.33Act/Cri/Dra/ThrUma Thurman 8
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 Blu1.33Act/Cri/Dra/ThrUma Thurman 8
Kill Command DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciVanessa Kirby 6
Kill Me Three Times DVD2.35Act/ThrSimon Pegg 6
Kill the Irishman Dvx1.85Act/Bio/Cri/Dra/ThrRay Stevenson 7
Killer Elite Dvx2.35Act/Cri/ThrJason Statham 7
Killing Salazar DVD{?}ActSteven Seagal 4
Killing Season DVD2.35Act/Dra/ThrRobert De Niro 5
King Arthur DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/WarClive Owen 6
King Kong DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Mys/ThrNaomi Watts 8
Kingdom (The) R52.35Act/Dra/ThrJamie Foxx 7
Kingdom of Gladiators Dvx{?}Act/Adv/FanMaurizio Corigliano 2
Kingdom of Heaven DVD2.35Act/Dra/His/WarMartin Hancock 7
Kingsman: The Secret Service DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Cri/ThrAdrian Quinton 8
Kingu Kongu vs Godzilla Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Com/Hor/SciTadao Takashima 5
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang DVD2.35Act/Com/Mys/ThrRobert Downey Jr. 8
Kiss of the Dragon DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJet Li 6
Kite DVD2.35Act/DraSamuel L. Jackson 4
Knight and Day Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Com/ThrTom Cruise 7
Knight Club DVD{?}Act/Dra/ThrLochlyn Munro 5
Knockout Dvx{?}Act/FamSteve Austin 5
Kung Fu Hustle DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/FanStephen Chow 8
Kung Fu Killer R51.33ActDavid Carradine 5
Kung Fu Panda DVD2.35Ani/Act/Com/FamJack Black 8
Kung Fu Panda 2 Dvx2.35Ani/Act/Adv/Com/FamJack Black 7
Kung Fu Panda 3 DVD2.35Ani/Act/Adv/Com/Fam/FanJack Black 7
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
LA Apocalypse DVD1.78Act/Sci/ThrRaymond J. Barry 2
La Horde Dvx2.35Act/Hor/ThrClaude Perron 6
Ladder 49 DVD1.85Act/Dra/ThrJoaquin Phoenix 7
Lady in Red (The) DVD1.85Act/Dra/RomPamela Sue Martin 6
Lake Placid DVD2.35Act/Com/Hor/ThrBill Pullman 5
Land of the Dead DVD2.35Act/Hor/ThrSimon Baker 7
Land of the Lost R51.85Act/Adv/Com/FanWill Ferrell 5
Land That Time Forgot (The) Dvx1.78Act/Fan/SciC. Thomas Howell 3
Landmine Goes Click DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrSterling Knight 6
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/ThrAngelina Jolie 5
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanAngelina Jolie 5
Last Airbender (The) Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Fam/FanNoah Ringer 4
Last Dragon (The) Dvx1.85Act/Com/Dra/MscTaimak 6
Last Knights DVD2.35Act/AdvClive Owen 6
Last Legion (The) Dvx2.35Act/Adv/WarColin Firth 6
Last Passenger DVD2.35Act/Mys/ThrDougray Scott 6
Last Rescue (The) DVD{?}Act/Dra/WarBrett Cullen 6
Last Ride (The) DVD1.33Act/Dra/ThrDennis Hopper 5
Last Sentinel (The) Dvx1.85Act/SciDon 'The Dragon' Wilson 3
Last Stand (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 7
Last survivors 2014 (The) DVD{?}Act/ThrHaley Lu Richardson 5
Last Witch Hunter (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanVin Diesel 6
Le Mans DVD2.20Act/Adv/SpoSteve McQueen 6
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (The) DVD2.35Act/Fan/SciSean Connery 5
Left Behind DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrChad Michael Murray 3
Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy (The) DVD{?}Act/Adv/His/WesEric Balfour 4
Legend of Hercules (The) DVD2.35Act/AdvKellan Lutz 4
Legend of Tarzan (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/RomAlexander Skarsgård 6
Legend of the Seeker season 1 & 2 DVD{?}Act/Adv/Dra/FanCraig Horner 8
Legend of Zorro (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/WesAlberto Reyes 6
Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon DVD2.35Act/AdvScott Adkins 4
Legion R52.35Act/Fan/ThrPaul Bettany 5
LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite DVD{?}Ani/Act/AdvClancy Brown 7
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League DVD{?}Ani/Act/Adv/ComDiedrich Bader 6
Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers DVD1.78Ani/Act/Adv/FamRyan McPartlin 6
Leon DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJean Reno 9
Lesbian Vampire Killers Scn2.35Act/Com/HorPaul McGann 5
Lethal Weapon DVD19Act/Cri/Dra/ThrDamon Wayans 8
Lethal Weapon DVD1.85Act/Com/Cri/Dra/ThrMel Gibson 8
Lethal Weapon 2 DVD2.20Act/Com/Cri/Dra/ThrMel Gibson 7
Lethal Weapon 3 DVD2.20Act/Com/Cri/ThrMel Gibson 6
Lethal Weapon 4 DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrMel Gibson 6
Liability (The) DVD2.35Act/ThrTim Roth 6
Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines (The) Dvx1.78Act/Adv/FanNoah Wyle 6
Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice (The) DVD1.78Act/Adv/Com/FanNoah Wyle 6
Licence to Kill DVD2.35Act/Adv/Cri/ThrTimothy Dalton 6
Lies & Illusions Dvx{?}Act/ThrChristian Slater 4
Life on the Line DVD{?}Act/DraJohn Travolta 5
Live and Let Die DVD1.66Act/Adv/Cri/ThrRoger Moore 7
Living & Dying Dvx1.85Act/Cri/ThrTom Zembrod 4
Living Daylights (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrTimothy Dalton 7
Living Hell DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrJohnathon Schaech 5
Locked Down Dvx1.78Act/Cri/ThrVinnie Jones 4
London Has Fallen DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrAlon Aboutboul 6
Lone Ranger (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/WesJohnny Depp 7
Lone Survivor DVD2.35Act/Bio/Dra/Thr/WarMark Wahlberg 8
Longest Day (The) DVD2.20Act/Dra/His/WarEddie Albert 8
Longest Yard (The) DVD2.35Act/Com/Dra/SpoAdam Sandler 6
Looper DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrJoseph Gordon-Levitt 8
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanAlan Howard 9
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanNoel Appleby 9
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanBruce Allpress 9
Lord of War DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrNicolas Cage 8
Lost Battalion (The) DVD1.33Act/Dra/WarRicky Schroder 7
Lost City Raiders Dvx1.78Act/Adv/SciJames Brolin 4
Lost in Space DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciWilliam Hurt 5
Lost Legion (The) DVD1.78Act/Adv/HisTom McKay 3
Lost Samaritan (The) R51.78Act/ThrIan Somerhalder 5
Lost World: Jurassic Park (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fan/Hor/Sci/ThrJeff Goldblum 6
Low Down Dirty Shame (A) DVD1.85Act/Com/CriKeenen Ivory Wayans 5
Lucy DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrScarlett Johansson 6
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Machete R51.85Act/Com/Cri/ThrDanny Trejo 7
Machete Kills DVD1.85Act/Com/Cri/ThrDanny Trejo 6
Machine Gun Preacher DVD2.35Act/Bio/Cri/DraGerard Butler 7
Mad Max DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Sci/ThrMel Gibson 7
Mad Max 2 DVD2.20Act/Adv/Sci/ThrMel Gibson 8
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome DVD2.20Act/Adv/SciMel Gibson 6
Mad Max: Fury Road DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrTom Hardy 8
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Dvx1.85Ani/Act/Adv/Com/FamBen Stiller 7
Magnificent Seven (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/WesDenzel Washington 7
Magnum Force Blu2.35Act/Cri/Mys/ThrClint Eastwood 7
Maleficent DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fam/Fan/RomAngelina Jolie 7
Man-Thing DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciMatthew Le Nevez 4
Man (The) DVD1.85Act/Com/CriSamuel L. Jackson 5
Man Apart (A) DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrAlice Amter 6
Man from Shaolin DVD{?}Act/DraPeng Zhang Li 5
Man from U.N.C.L.E. (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/ComHenry Cavill 7
Man in the Iron Mask (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/DraLeonardo DiCaprio 6
Man of Steel Scn2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciHenry Cavill 8
Man of Tai Chi DVD2.35Act/DraTiger Hu Chen 6
Man of the House DVD2.35Act/ComTommy Lee Jones 5
Man on Fire DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrDenzel Washington 8
Man with the Golden Gun (The) DVD1.37Act/Adv/ThrRoger Moore 7
Man with the Iron Fists (The) DVD2.35ActRussell Crowe 6
Man with the Iron Fists 2 (The) DVD{?}ActRZA 4
Mandingo DVD1.78Act/DraJames Mason 5
Maniac Cop DVD1.85Act/Cri/HorTom Atkins 6
Maniac Cop 2 DVD1.85Cri/Hor/Act/ThrRobert Davi 6
Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence DVD2.35Act/HorRobert Davi 5
Marauders DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrBruce Willis 5
Marine: Homefront (The) DVD1.78ActMike 'The Miz' Mizanin 5
Mark (The) DVD{?}Act/Fan/Sci/ThrCraig Sheffer 4
Mark: Redemption (The) DVD{?}Act/Fan/Sci/ThrCraig Sheffer 4
Marksman (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/ThrWesley Snipes 4
Mars Attacks! DVD2.35Act/Com/Fan/SciJack Nicholson 6
Mars Needs Moms R51.44Ani/Act/Adv/Com/FamSeth Green 5
Marvel One-Shot: Item 47 Dvx{?}Srt/Act/SciLizzy Caplan 7
Mask (The) DVD1.85Act/Com/Cri/FanJim Carrey 6
Mass Effect: Paragon Lost DVD{?}Ani/Act/SciLaura Bailey 6
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/WarRussell Crowe 8
Master With Cracked Fingers DVD2.35Act/Com/DraJackie Chan 5
Masterminds DVD1.85Act/Com/CriKristen Wiig 6
Matrix (The) DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrKeanu Reeves 9
Matrix Reloaded (The) DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrRay Anthony 7
Matrix Revolutions (The) DVD2.20Act/Sci/ThrMary Alice 6
Max Payne R52.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrMark Wahlberg 6
Maximum Conviction DVD1.78Act/Adv/ThrSteven Seagal 3
Maximum Risk DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Maze Runner (The) DVD2.35Act/Mys/Sci/ThrDylan O'Brien 7
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrDylan O'Brien 6
Mechanic (The) Blu2.35Act/Dra/ThrJason Statham 7
Mechanic: Resurrection DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrJason Statham 6
Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus DVD1.78Act/Hor/Sci/ThrGary Stretch 3
Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus Dvx1.78Act/Hor/SciLorenzo Lamas 3
Mega Shark vs. Kolossus DVD1.78Act/Hor/Sci/ThrIlleana Douglas 3
Megamind Dvx1.44Ani/Act/Com/Fam/SciWill Ferrell 7
Meltdown DVD1.85ActJet Li 6
Memorial Day Dvx1.78Act/Dra/Fam/His/WarJonathan Bennett 5
Memphis Belle DVD1.66Act/Dra/WarMatthew Modine 7
Men in Black DVD1.85Act/Com/SciTommy Lee Jones 7
Men in Black 3 Dvx1.85Act/Com/SciWill Smith 7
Men in Black II DVD1.37Act/Com/SciTommy Lee Jones 6
Mercenaries DVD1.78Act/AdvZoë Bell 4
Mercenary: Absolution DVD{?}Act/Adv/Cri/ThrSteven Seagal 4
Merlin DVD1.33Adv/Dra/Fan/Act/RomSam Neill 7
Meteor Storm Dvx{?}Act/SciMichael Trucco 4
Miami Vice DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrColin Farrell 6
Midnight Run DVD1.85Act/Com/Cri/ThrRobert De Niro 8
Midway DVD2.35Act/Dra/His/WarCharlton Heston 7
Mindhunters DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Hor/Mys/ThrEion Bailey 6
Minority Report DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrTom Cruise 8
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Dvx1.44Act/Adv/ThrTom Cruise 8
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrTom Cruise 8
Mission: Impossible II DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrTom Cruise 6
Mission: Impossible III DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrTom Cruise 7
Mit moon (Bad Blood) Dvx1.85Act/ThrWai-Man Chan 5
Momentum DVD2.35Act/ThrOlga Kurylenko 6
Mongolian Death Worm Dvx1.78Act/Hor/SciSean Patrick Flanery 3
Monster Dvx1.85Act/HorYoshi Ando 3
Monsters vs Aliens Dvx1.44Act/Adv/Ani/ComReese Witherspoon 7
Montana DVD{?}Act/Cri/Dra/ThrMichelle Fairley 5
Moonraker DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrRoger Moore 6
Morning Star DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/ThrAdrian Bouchet 0
Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Fan/Mys/RomLily Collins 6
Mortdecai DVD2.35Act/Com/Mys/RomJohnny Depp 6
Most Violent Year (A) Scn2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrOscar Isaac 7
Mountain Patrol DVD2.35Act/DraDuobuji 8
Mousehunt DVD1.85Act/Com/FamNathan Lane 6
Mr. & Mrs. Smith DVD2.35Act/Com/Rom/ThrBrad Pitt 7
Mummy (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Fan/Hor/ThrBrendan Fraser 7
Mummy Returns (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/Hor/ThrBrendan Fraser 6
Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/ThrBrendan Fraser 6
Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (The) Blu2.35Act/Adv/Fan/ThrBrendan Fraser 6
Mutant Chronicles (The) Dvx1.85Act/Adv/SciThomas Jane 6
My Name Is Modesty: A Modesty Blaise Adventure DVD1.85Act/Cri/DraAlexandra Staden 4
Mysterious Island DVD1.78Act/Adv/FanKyle MacLachlan 4
Mystic Blade DVD{?}Act/Dra/FanConan Stevens 3
Mythica: A Quest for Heroes DVD1.85Act/Adv/FanMelanie Stone 5
Mythica: The Darkspore DVD1.78Act/Adv/FanMelanie Stone 4
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
National Security DVD1.85Act/Com/Cri/ThrMartin Lawrence 5
National Treasure DVD2.35Act/Adv/DraNicolas Cage 7
National Treasure: Book of Secrets Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Mys/ThrNicolas Cage 7
Natural Born Killers DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/Rom/ThrWoody Harrelson 7
Nazis at the Center of the Earth Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Hor/ThrAram Akopyan 3
Need for Speed DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrAaron Paul 7
Negotiator (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrSamuel L. Jackson 7
Net 2.0 (The) DVD{?}Act/Dra/ThrNikki Deloach 5
Never Back Down Dvx2.35Act/Dra/SpoSean Faris 6
Never Back Down: No Surrender DVD19ActMichael Jai White 6
Never Say Never Again DVD2.20Act/Adv/ThrSean Connery 6
New Police Story DVD2.35Act/DraJackie Chan 7
Next DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrNicolas Cage 6
Next Day Air Dvx1.85Act/Com/CriDonald Faison 6
Nice Guys (The) DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/Mys/ThrRussell Crowe 7
Night at the Museum Dvx1.85Act/Com/Fam/FanBen Stiller 6
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Com/FamBen Stiller 6
Night Crew (The) DVD{?}Act/ThrDanny Trejo 4
Nightmare City 2035 Dvx{?}Act/SciMaxwell Caulfield 4
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (A) DVD1.85Act/Com/Fan/Hor/ThrHeather Langenkamp 6
Nightmaster DVD{?}ActTom Jennings 4
Nikita season 1 DVD19Act/Cri/Dra/ThrMaggie Q 8
Ninja Immovable Heart DVD{?}Act/DraRob Baard 2
Ninja: Shadow of a Tear DVD1.85Act/Cri/ThrScott Adkins 6
No Escape DVD1.85Act/ThrOwen Wilson 7
No Saints for Sinners Dvx2.35ActRick Crawford 5
No tears for the dead DVD2.35Act/DraDong-gun Jang 7
Noah DVD1.85Act/Adv/DraRussell Crowe 6
Nomad the Beginning DVD1.85Act/SciClint Glenn Hummel 3
Non-Stop DVD2.35Act/Mys/ThrLiam Neeson 7
Now You See Me 2 DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Cri/Mys/ThrJesse Eisenberg 6
Nowhere to Run DVD1.85Act/Dra/RomJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Number One Girl (The) DVD{?}Act/Dra/ThrTony Schiena 2
Numbers Station (The) DVD2.35Act/ThrMalin Akerman 5
Nutcracker in 3D (The) DVD2.35Act/Fam/Fan/MusElle Fanning 4
NYC: Tornado Terror Dvx1.78Act/Dra/Sci/ThrNicole de Boer 4
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Oblivion DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciTom Cruise 7
Ocean's Eleven DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrGeorge Clooney 8
Octopussy DVD2.20Act/Adv/ThrRoger Moore 7
Oldboy DVD2.35Act/Dra/Mys/ThrJosh Brolin 5
Olympus Has Fallen DVD2.35Act/ThrGerard Butler 6
On Her Majesty's Secret Service DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Rom/ThrGeorge Lazenby 7
Once upon a time in Brooklyn DVD2.35Act/CriArmand Assante 4
Once Upon a Time in Mexico DVD1.78Act/Cri/Dra/ThrAntonio Banderas 6
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai DVD2.35Act/CriSammo Hung Kam-Bo 7
One (The) DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrJet Li 6
One for the Money Blu2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrKatherine Heigl 5
One Warrior (The) Dvx{?}Act/FanEric Alexander 2
Open Windows DVD1.85Act/Cri/ThrElijah Wood 5
Operator DVD{?}Act/Dra/ThrVing Rhames 4
Orc Wars DVD{?}Act/Adv/FanRusty Joiner 3
Orcs! DVD1.78ActAdam Johnson 3
Order (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/Dra/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 4
Osmosis Jones DVD2.35Act/Ani/Com/Cri/Dra/Rom/ThrChris Rock 6
Other Guys (The) DVD2.35Act/Com/CriDerek Jeter 7
Out for a Kill DVD1.85Act/Cri/ThrMichelle Goh 3
Out of Reach DVD1.85Act/Dra/RomSteven Seagal 4
Outbreak DVD1.85Act/Dra/Hor/ThrDustin Hoffman 7
Outlander DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciJim Caviezel 7
Outlaw DVD2.35Act/CriSean Bean 6
Outpost Dvx2.35Act/HorRay Stevenson 6
Outpost: Black Sun Dvx{?}Act/Hor/SciCatherine Steadman 5
Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciBryan Larkin 5
Outsider (The) DVD{?}Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrShannon Elizabeth 5
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
P-51 Dragon Fighter DVD{?}Act/Fan/Sci/WarScott Martin 3
P.I.: Post Impact DVD{?}Act/Adv/Sci/ThrDean Cain 3
Pacific Rim DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fan/SciCharlie Hunnam 8
Pacifier (The) DVD2.35Act/Com/Fam/ThrVin Diesel 5
Package (The) DVD1.78ActSteve Austin 5
Pandemic Dvx1.78Act/Dra/ThrTiffani Thiessen 5
Pandorum Dvx2.35Act/Sci/ThrDennis Quaid 7
Paper Soldiers DVD1.85Act/Com/CriKevin Hart 6
Parker DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrJason Statham 6
Pathfinder Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Thr/WarKarl Urban 5
Patient Zero DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrBrandon Slagle 5
Patriot (The) DVD2.35Act/Dra/WarMel Gibson 7
Paul Blart: Mall Cop Dvx1.85Act/Com/CriKevin James 5
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 DVD1.85Act/Com/CriKevin James 4
Pawn Shop Chronicles DVD1.85Act/Com/CriPaul Walker 6
Paycheck DVD2.35Act/Mys/Sci/ThrBen Affleck 6
Peacekeeper (The) DVD1.85ActDolph Lundgren 5
Pearl Harbor DVD2.20Act/Dra/Rom/WarBen Affleck 5
Percentage DVD{?}Act/Cri/ThrCam'ron 5
Perfect Storm (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/ThrGeorge Clooney 6
Perfect Weapon (The) DVD{?}Act/SciSteven Seagal 3
Persecuted DVD2.35Act/Dra/Mys/ThrJames Remar 4
Philly Kid (The) DVD{?}Act/Dra/SpoWes Chatham 6
Pig Hunt Dvx1.85Act/Hor/ThrTravis Aaron Wade 5
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/FanJohnny Depp 7
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Blu2.35Act/Adv/Com/FanJohnny Depp 7
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/FanJohnny Depp 7
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Blu2.35Act/Adv/Com/FanJohnny Depp 7
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Blu2.35Act/Adv/FanJohnny Depp 7
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/FanJohnny Depp 8
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Blu2.35Act/Adv/Com/FanJohnny Depp 8
Pirates of Treasure Island DVD1.85Act/ComLance Henriksen 2
Pit Fighter DVD{?}ActDominique Vandenberg 5
Pitch Black DVD2.35Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrVin Diesel 7
Pixels DVD2.35Act/Com/SciAdam Sandler 6
Planet of the Apes DVD2.35Act/SciMark Wahlberg 6
Planet Terror R51.85Act/Hor/SciFreddy Rodríguez 8
Platoon DVD1.85Act/Dra/WarTom Berenger 8
Point Break DVD2.35Act/Cri/Spo/ThrEdgar Ramírez 5
Poker Night DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrBeau Mirchoff 6
Pompeii DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/His/RomKit Harington 6
Poseidon DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/ThrKurt Russell 6
Pound of Flesh DVD1.85Act/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Power of Few (The) DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrChristopher Walken 5
Power Rangers DinoThunder DVD1.33Act/Adv/Com/Dra/Fam/Sci/ThrJason David Frank 6
Power Rangers Mystic Force Dvx{?}Act/Adv/Fan/Sci/ThrFirass Dirani 6
Precious Cargo DVD{?}Act/Com/Cri/Dra/ThrBruce Willis 5
Predator DVD1.85Act/Hor/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 8
Predator 2 DVD1.37Act/Cri/Hor/Sci/ThrKevin Peter Hall 6
Predator Island DVD1.78Act/Com/Hor/SciDaniel Gordon 2
Predators R52.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrAdrien Brody 7
Predestination DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrEthan Hawke 8
Premium Rush DVD2.35Act/ThrJoseph Gordon-Levitt 7
Priest Dvx2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrPaul Bettany 6
Prince (The) DVD2.35Act/ThrJason Patric 4
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Dvx1.44Act/Adv/Fan/RomJake Gyllenhaal 7
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Blu1.44Act/Adv/Fan/RomJake Gyllenhaal 7
Professionals (The) - (TV Series) DVD1.33Act/Com/CriGordon Jackson 8
Professionals (The) - Series 1 DVD1.33Act/CriGordon Jackson 9
Professionals (The) - Series 2 DVD1.33Act/CriGordon Jackson 9
Professionals (The) - Series 3 DVD1.33Act/CriGordon Jackson 9
Professionals (The) - Series 4 DVD1.33Act/CriGordon Jackson 9
Prophecy: Uprising (The) DVD{?}Thr/Act/Fan/HorJohn Light 5
Proposition (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/WesRichard Wilson 8
Punisher (The) DVD2.35Act/ThrThomas Jane 6
Punisher: War Zone Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrRay Stevenson 7
Purge: Anarchy (The) DVD2.35Act/Hor/ThrFrank Grillo 7
Push Dvx2.35Act/Sci/ThrColin Ford 6
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Quantum of Solace Scn2.35Act/Adv/ThrDaniel Craig 7
Quick and the Undead (The) Scn2.35Act/Hor/WesClint Glenn Hummel 3
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
R.I.P.D. DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/FanJeff Bridges 6
Raid 2: Berandal (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrIko Uwais 9
Raid: Redemption (The) DVD1.85Act/Cri/ThrIko Uwais 8
Rambo III DVD2.35Act/WarSylvester Stallone 4
Rambo: First Blood Part II DVD2.20ActSylvester Stallone 5
Rampage DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrBrendan Fletcher 6
Rampage: Capital Punishment DVD1.78Act/Cri/ThrBrendan Fletcher 6
Ratchet & Clank DVD2.35Ani/Act/Adv/Com/Fam/SciPaul Giamatti 6
Re-Generator DVD19Act/SciOlivier Gruner 3
Real Playing Game DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciCian Barry 4
Real Steel Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Sci/SpoHugh Jackman 7
Recruit (The) DVD2.35Act/ThrAl Pacino 7
Red Scn2.35Act/Com/CriBruce Willis 7
Red Billabong DVD{?}Act/Adv/ThrDan Ewing 4
Red Dawn DVD2.35ActChris Hemsworth 5
Red Hill Blu2.35Act/Thr/WesRyan Kwanten 6
Red machine hunt aka Grizzly DVD{?}Act/Hor/ThrJames Marsden 5
Red Sands Dvx1.85Act/Dra/Hor/WarShane West 5
Red Sky DVD{?}Act/ThrRachael Leigh Cook 4
Red Tails Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/His/WarTerrence Howard 6
Red Water DVD1.78Act/Dra/Hor/ThrLou Diamond Phillips 4
Redbelt Dvx2.35Act/DraChiwetel Ejiofor 7
Redeemer DVD{?}Act/CriNoah Segan 5
Redemption DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJason Statham 6
Reign of assassins DVD2.35ActMichelle Yeoh 7
Reign of Fire DVD2.35Act/Fan/ThrChristian Bale 6
Relentless Justice DVD2.35Act/ThrEric Roberts 8
Renaissance DVD2.35Act/Ani/Dra/Sci/ThrDaniel Craig 7
Repo Men DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/SciJude Law 6
Repo Men Blu2.35Act/Cri/Dra/SciJude Law 6
Rescue Dawn DVD1.85Act/Adv/Dra/WarZach Grenier 8
Resident Evil DVD1.85Act/Hor/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 6
Resident Evil: Afterlife Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 6
Resident Evil: Afterlife Blu1.78Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 6
Resident Evil: Apocalypse DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciMilla Jovovich 6
Resident Evil: Extinction R52.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 7
Resident Evil: Retribution DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 6
Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire DVD{?}ActDavid A.R. White 5
Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End DVD{?}ActDavid A.R. White 5
Revenge of the Green Dragons DVD{?}Act/Cri/DraJustin Chon 5
Revolution DVD19Act/Adv/Dra/SciBilly Burke 7
Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion DVD{?}Act/Adv/Dra/HisValeri Alessandro 4
Richard: The Lionheart DVD{?}Act/AdvMalcolm McDowell 2
Riddick DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrVin Diesel 7
Ride Along DVD2.35Act/ComIce Cube 6
Ring of Death Dvx{?}Act/Cri/DraAesop Aquarian 5
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrJames Franco 8
Rise of the Zombies DVD1.78Act/Hor/ThrMariel Hemingway 4
Risen DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/MysJoseph Fiennes 6
Road House 2: Last Call DVD{?}Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJohnathon Schaech 4
Road Kill DVD1.37Act/Com/Cri/DraJennifer Rubin 7
Road Wars DVD1.78Act/SciChloe Farnworth 3
Rob Roy DVD2.35Act/Bio/Dra/Rom/WarLiam Neeson 7
Robin Hood Dvx2.35Act/Adv/DraRussell Crowe 7
Robin Hood Blu2.35Act/Adv/DraRussell Crowe 7
RoboCop DVD1.85Act/Cri/Sci/ThrPeter Weller 8
RoboCop DVD2.35Act/Cri/Sci/ThrJoel Kinnaman 6
RoboCop 2 DVD1.85Act/Cri/Sci/ThrBelinda Bauer 6
RoboCop 3 DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/Sci/ThrRobert John Burke 4
Robot Overlords DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciGillian Anderson 4
Rock (The) Blu2.35Act/ThrSean Connery 7
RocknRolla DVD2.35Act/Com/CriNonso Anozie 8
Rocky DVD1.37Act/Dra/Rom/SpoSylvester Stallone 8
Rocky Balboa DVD1.85Act/Dra/SpoSylvester Stallone 8
Rocky II DVD1.37Act/Dra/SpoSylvester Stallone 6
Rocky III DVD1.37Act/Dra/SpoSylvester Stallone 6
Rocky IV DVD1.37Act/Dra/SpoSylvester Stallone 5
Rocky V DVD1.37Act/Dra/SpoSylvester Stallone 4
Rollerball DVD1.85Act/Sci/SpoJames Caan 6
Rollin' with the Nines DVD{?}Cri/Act/Dra/ThrVas Blackwood 6
Romasanta DVD2.35Act/HorJulian Sands 5
Romeo Must Die DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrJet Li 6
Romper Stomper DVD1.85Act/DraRussell Crowe 7
Rumble DVD{?}ActGary Daniels 0
Rumble in Hong Kong DVD2.35Act/CriQiu Yuen 3
Run All Night DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrLiam Neeson 7
Rundown (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/ThrDwayne Johnson 7
Running Scared DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrPaul Walker 8
Running Scared DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrGregory Hines 6
Rush DVD2.35Act/Bio/Dra/SpoChris Hemsworth 8
Rush Hour DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrKen Leung 7
Rush Hour 2 DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Cri/ThrJackie Chan 6
Rush Hour 3 DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrChris Tucker 6
Rz-9 DVD{?}Act/SciEthan McDowell 3
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
S.W.A.T. DVD2.35Act/CriSamuel L. Jackson 6
Sabotage DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 6
Safe R52.35Act/Cri/ThrJason Statham 7
Safe House Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Mys/ThrDenzel Washington 7
SAGA - Curse of the Shadow DVD{?}Act/Adv/FanDanielle Chuchran 5
Sahara DVD2.35Act/Adv/ComPenelope Cruz 6
Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed DVD{?}Act/Dra/WarCorbin Allred 6
Saints and Soldiers: The Void DVD{?}Act/Dra/WarAdam Gregory 5
Salena Incident (The) DVD1.33Act/Hor/Sci/ThrDan Southworth 3
Salt Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Mys/ThrAngelina Jolie 7
Salting the Battlefield DVD{?}Act/Cri/Dra/MysRalph Fiennes 7
Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrMathew Karedas 7
San Andreas DVD2.35Act/Dra/ThrDwayne Johnson 6
San Andreas Quake DVD1.78Act/SciJhey Castles 2
Sanctum R51.85Act/Adv/Dra/ThrRichard Roxburgh 6
Sanctum 3D1.85Act/Adv/Dra/ThrRichard Roxburgh 6
Sands of Iwo Jima DVD1.37Act/Dra/War/RomJohn Wayne 7
Sands of Oblivion DVD{?}Act/Adv/FanMorena Baccarin 4
Sanjuro DVD2.35Act/Adv/DraToshirô Mifune 8
Saving Private Ryan DVD1.85Act/Dra/WarTom Hanks 8
Scarface DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrAl Pacino 8
Scorpion King (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/ThrDwayne Johnson 5
Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior (The) Dvx1.78Act/Adv/FanChase Agulhas 4
Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption (The) Blu1.78Act/Adv/FanDave Bautista 4
Scorpion King: Quest for Power (The) DVD{?}Act/AdvVictor Webster 4
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse DVD2.35Act/Com/HorTye Sheridan 6
Screamers: The Hunting Dvx1.78Act/Hor/Sci/ThrLance Henriksen 5
Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines DVD{?}Act/Dra/WarLex Shrapnel 4
Season of the Witch Blu1.85Act/Adv/FanNicolas Cage 5
Second Coming Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Hor/ThrRuben Aleman 4
Second in Command DVD1.85Act/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Secret of the Wings DVD1.78Ani/Act/Fam/FanTimothy Dalton 6
Sector 4: Extraction DVD{?}Act/WarSalman Bokhari 2
Secuestro express DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/ThrMía Maestro 7
Self/less DVD2.35Act/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrRyan Reynolds 6
Serenity DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrNathan Fillion 8
Setup Blu2.35Act/Cri/DraBruce Willis 4
Seven Mummies DVD1.78Act/Adv/Hor/ThrMatt Schulze 2
Seven Swords DVD2.35Act/DraDonnie Yen 6
Seventh Son DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanJeff Bridges 6
Shadow Man DVD1.85Act/WarSteven Seagal 4
Shaft DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrSamuel L. Jackson 6
Shanghai Knights DVD2.35Act/Adv/ComJackie Chan 6
Shank Dvx2.35Act/SciKedar Williams-Stirling 4
Shaolin Dvx2.35Act/DraAndy Lau 7
Shark Week DVD1.78Act/Hor/SciYancy Butler 2
Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre DVD{?}Act/Hor/SciDominique Swain 3
Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fam/FanTaylor Lautner 4
Sharpe's Battle DVD{?}Act/Adv/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Challenge DVD{?}Act/Adv/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Company DVD{?}Act/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Eagle DVD{?}Act/Adv/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Enemy DVD1.33Act/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Gold DVD{?}Act/Adv/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Honour DVD{?}Act/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Mission DVD{?}Act/Adv/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Regiment DVD{?}Act/Adv/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Revenge DVD{?}Act/Adv/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Rifles DVD1.78Act/Adv/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Siege DVD{?}Act/Adv/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Sword DVD{?}Act/Adv/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sharpe's Waterloo DVD{?}Act/Adv/His/WarSean Bean 8
Sherlock Holmes Dvx1.85Act/Adv/Cri/MysRobert Downey Jr. 8
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Cri/Mys/ThrRobert Downey Jr. 8
Shi mian mai fu DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Fan/RomTakeshi Kaneshiro 8
Shooter Dvx2.35Act/Dra/ThrMark Wahlberg 7
Shottas Dvx1.85Act/Cri/DraKy-Mani Marley 6
Sicario DVD2.39Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrEmily Blunt 8
Silver Hawk DVD2.35Act/AdvMichelle Yeoh 5
Sin City DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJessica Alba 8
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fam/FanPatrick Wayne 6
Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage DVD{?}Act/Adv/FanPatrick Stewart 6
Sinners & Saints Dvx2.35Act/Cri/ThrSean Patrick Flanery 7
SIS Dvx{?}Act/Cri/Dra/ThrKane Black 4
Siu lam juk kau DVD1.85Act/Com/SpoStephen Chow 7
Skin Trade DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrDolph Lundgren 6
Skin Traffik DVD2.35Act/CriMickey Rourke 4
Skinwalkers Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Hor/ThrJason Behr 5
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow DVD1.85Act/Adv/Mys/Sci/ThrGwyneth Paltrow 6
Sky High DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/FamMichael Angarano 7
Skyline Blu2.35Act/Sci/ThrEric Balfour 5
Slaughter Is the Best Medicine DVD19Act/Mys/ThrNigel Woodings 4
Slow West DVD1.66Act/Thr/WesKodi Smit-McPhee 7
Smokin' Aces DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrBen Affleck 7
Snakes on a Plane DVD2.35Act/Hor/ThrSamuel L. Jackson 7
Snakes on a Train DVD1.85Act/Fan/ThrAlby Castro 2
Sneakers DVD1.85Act/Adv/Com/Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrJo Marr 7
Sniper 2 DVD1.85ActTom Berenger 5
Sniper 3 DVD{?}ActTom Berenger 5
Sniper: Reloaded Dvx1.85Act/Dra/Thr/WarClyde Berning 5
Sniper: Special Ops DVD{?}Act/Dra/WarSteven Seagal 3
Snow Queen (The) DVD{?}Act/Adv/Fan/Hor/SciNadia Lanfranconi 3
Snow White and the Huntsman Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/FanKristen Stewart 6
Snowpiercer DVD1.85Act/Sci/ThrChris Evans 7
So Undercover DVD2.35Act/ComMiley Cyrus 5
Soldiers of Fortune DVD2.35Act/AdvChristian Slater 4
Solomon Kane Dvx2.35Act/Adv/FanJames Babson 6
Son of a Gun DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrEwan McGregor 7
Son of Batman DVD{?}Ani/Act/Adv/Cri/Dra/Fan/MysJason O'Mara 7
Son of the Mask DVD1.85Act/Adv/Com/Fam/FanJamie Kennedy 2
Sonic the Hedgehog DVD1.33Ani/Act/Adv/Com/Fam/Fan/SciJaleel White 7
Sorcerer's Apprentice (The) Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Com/DraNicolas Cage 6
Soul Assassin DVD{?}Act/Cri/ThrSkeet Ulrich 4
Sound of Thunder (A) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrArmin Rohde 4
Southpaw DVD2.35Act/Dra/Spo/ThrJake Gyllenhaal 8
Space Battleship Yamato Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciTakuya Kimura 6
Sparks DVD19Act/ThrChase Williamson 6
Spartacus DVD1.78Act/Dra/HisGoran Visnjic 7
Spartacus DVD2.20Act/Bio/Dra/His/Rom/WarKirk Douglas 8
Spartacus: Blood and Sand DVD19Act/Adv/Bio/Dra/HisManu Bennett 9
Spartacus: Gods of the Arena DVD1.78Act/Adv/Bio/Dra/HisJohn Hannah 9
Spawn DVD1.33Act/Ani/Cri/Dra/Fan/HorKeith David 8
Special Forces Blu2.35Act/Adv/DraDiane Kruger 6
Spectre Scn2.35Act/Adv/ThrDaniel Craig 7
Speed Racer DVD2.35Act/Fam/SpoEmile Hirsch 7
Spider-Man DVD1.85Act/Fan/Sci/ThrTobey Maguire 7
Spider-Man 2 DVD2.35Act/Fan/Sci/ThrTobey Maguire 8
Spider-Man 3 R52.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrTobey Maguire 7
Spirit (The) Dvx2.35Act/Com/Fan/ThrJaime King 5
Split Second DVD1.66Act/Hor/SciRutger Hauer 6
Spooks: The Greater Good DVD{?}Act/Dra/ThrMichael Wildman 6
Spooksville Gnome Alone DVD{?}Act/AdvPeter Benson 0
Spy DVD2.35Act/Com/CriJude Law 7
Spy Game DVD2.35Act/Dra/ThrRobert Redford 7
Spy Kids DVD1.85Act/Adv/Com/FamAntonio Banderas 6
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over DVD1.78Act/Adv/Com/Fam/Fan/SciAntonio Banderas 4
Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D Blu1.85Act/Adv/Com/Fam/SciJessica Alba 4
Spy Next Door (The) R51.85Act/Com/FamJackie Chan 5
Spy Who Loved Me (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrRoger Moore 7
St George's Day DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrCharles Dance 4
Stalingrad DVD2.35Act/WarMariya Smolnikova 6
Star Trek DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Pine 8
Star Trek Blu2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Pine 8
Star Trek Beyond DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrChris Pine 7
Star Trek Into Darkness DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Pine 8
Star Trek: Nemesis DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Sci/ThrPatrick Stewart 6
Star Trek: Renegades DVD{?}Act/Adv/SciAdrienne Wilkinson 5
Star Trek: The Next Generation - (TV Series) DVD37Act/Adv/SciPatrick Stewart 9
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 6 DVD37Act/Adv/SciPatrick Stewart 9
Star Wars Episode IV - new hope DVD2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 9
Star Wars Episode IV - new hope Blu2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 9
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciLiam Neeson 6
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Blu2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciLiam Neeson 6
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones DVD1.81Act/Adv/Fan/Mys/Rom/SciEwan McGregor 7
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Blu1.81Act/Adv/Fan/Mys/Rom/SciEwan McGregor 7
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith DVD1.81Act/Adv/Fan/SciEwan McGregor 8
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Blu1.81Act/Adv/Fan/SciEwan McGregor 8
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back DVD2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 9
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Blu2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 9
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi DVD2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 8
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi Blu2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 8
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciHarrison Ford 8
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Dvx2.35Ani/Act/Adv/SciMatt Lanter 5
Stargate Blu2.35Act/Adv/SciKurt Russell 7
Stargate: Continuum Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Fan/SciBen Browder 8
Starship Troopers DVD1.85Act/Adv/Sci/ThrCasper Van Dien 7
Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation DVD1.78Act/Adv/Hor/SciBill Brown 4
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder DVD1.85Act/Adv/Hor/SciCasper Van Dien 5
Starship: Rising DVD{?}Act/SciDarren Jacobs 3
Starsky & Hutch DVD2.35Act/Com/CriBen Stiller 6
State Property 2 DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/Msc/MusBeanie Sigel 3
Stealth DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJosh Lucas 5
Stolen DVD2.35Act/ThrNicolas Cage 5
Stormbreaker DVD2.35Act/Adv/FamSarah Bolger 5
Street DVD{?}ActBeau Casper Smart 4
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Fan/ThrKristin Kreuk 4
Street Revenge Dvx{?}Act/CriElena Adames 4
Street Run DVD1.85Act/Rom/ThrEric Roberts 5
Streets of Blood Dvx20Act/Cri/Dra/ThrVal Kilmer 4
Subconscious DVD{?}Act/Mys/ThrTim Abell 3
Submerged DVD1.78Act/ThrJonathan Bennett 4
Submerged DVD1.85Act/HorSteven Seagal 4
Sucker Punch Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Fan/ThrEmily Browning 6
Sudden Impact Blu2.35Act/Cri/ThrClint Eastwood 7
Suicide Squad DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciWill Smith 6
SUPER Dvx1.85Act/Com/DraRainn Wilson 7
Super Mario Bros. Dvx1.85Act/Adv/Com/Fam/FanBob Hoskins 4
Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (The) DVD{?}Ani/Fam/Fan/Act/AdvLou Albano 6
Superhero Movie DVD1.85Act/Com/Sci/ThrDrake Bell 4
Superman Returns DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciBrandon Routh 7
Surrogates R52.35Act/Sci/ThrBruce Willis 6
Survival code (2013) DVD{?}Act/SciTy Olsson 6
Survivor DVD{?}Act/Cri/ThrPaddy Wallace 6
SWAT Unit 887 2015 DVD{?}Act/ThrTom Sizemore 3
Sweeney (The) DVD1.33Act/Com/Cri/DraJohn Thaw 8
Sweeney (The) Dvx2.35Act/Cri/DraDamian Lewis 6
Sweeney 2 DVD{?}Act/DraJohn Thaw 6
Swelter DVD{?}Act/Dra/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Sword of Vengeance DVD{?}ActStanley Weber 4
Sword Of Xanten DVD{?}Act/Adv/Dra/FanBenno Fürmann 7
Swordfish DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrJohn Travolta 6
Swordsmen Dvx2.35Act/DraKara Hui 7
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
T.A.C.T.I.C.A.L. Dvx1.78Act/CriEric Lane 2
Taken DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrLiam Neeson 8
Taken 2 DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrLiam Neeson 6
Taken 3 DVD2.35Act/ThrLiam Neeson 6
Takers Blu2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrChris Brown 6
Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (The) Cam2.35Act/Cri/ThrDenzel Washington 6
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby DVD2.35Act/Com/SpoGary Cole 6
Tapped Out DVD{?}Act/Dra/SpoMichael Biehn 5
Tarzan DVD1.66Act/Adv/Ani/Com/Dra/FamTony Goldwyn 7
Tarzan DVD{?}Ani/Act/Adv/Dra/Fam/Mys/RomKellan Lutz 5
Taxi DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/ThrQueen Latifah 4
Team America: World Police DVD2.35Act/Adv/ComTrey Parker 7
Tears of the Sun DVD2.35Act/Dra/ThrBruce Willis 6
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Fan/SciMegan Fox 6
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/SciMegan Fox 6
Tekken Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciJon Foo 5
Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D 3D{?}Ani/Act/SciIsshin Chiba 6
Terminal Velocity DVD2.35Act/Mys/ThrCharlie Sheen 5
Terminator (The) DVD1.85Act/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 8
Terminator 2: Judgment Day DVD2.20Act/Adv/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 8
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 7
Terminator Genisys DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 7
Terminator Salvation Scn2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrChristian Bale 7
Terminators (The) Dvx1.78Act/Hor/SciJeremy London 2
The Guardsman 2015 DVD{?}ActPei-Pei Cheng 6
This Means War Dvx2.35Act/Com/RomReese Witherspoon 7
Thor Blu2.35Act/Adv/FanChris Hemsworth 7
Thor: The Dark World DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanChris Hemsworth 7
Three Musketeers (The) Dvx2.35Act/Adv/RomMatthew Macfadyen 6
Throwdown DVD{?}Act/ThrTimothy Woodward Jr. 4
Thunderball DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrSean Connery 7
Thunderbirds DVD1.33Act/Fam/SciPeter Dyneley 7
Thunderbirds DVD1.85Act/Adv/Com/Fam/Fan/SciBrady Corbet 4
Thunderstorm: The Return of Thor DVD{?}ActRay Besharah 2
Time Machine (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciGuy Pearce 5
Time Rush DVD{?}ActHari Das Ahatefu 3
Timecop DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Titanic DVD2.20Act/Dra/RomLeonardo DiCaprio 7
TMNT Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Ani/Com/FanChris Evans 7
To End All Wars DVD1.85Act/Dra/WarRobert Carlyle 7
Today You Die DVD1.85Act/CriSteven Seagal 4
Tokarev DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrNicolas Cage 5
Tom yum goong DVD1.85Act/Com/Cri/ThrTony Jaa 7
Tomorrow Never Dies DVD2.20Act/Adv/ThrPierce Brosnan 6
Tomorrowland: A World Beyond DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fam/Mys/SciGeorge Clooney 6
Top Cat DVD1.78Ani/Act/Com/FamJason Harris 5
Top Gun DVD2.20Act/Dra/RomTom Cruise 7
Tora! Tora! Tora! DVD2.20Act/Adv/Dra/His/WarMartin Balsam 7
Torque DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrJohn Ashker 3
Total Recall DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrColin Farrell 6
Tourist (The) Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Rom/ThrJohnny Depp 6
Tournament (The) Dvx1.85Act/ThrRobert Carlyle 6
Tower Heist Dvx2.35Act/Com/CriBen Stiller 6
Toxin DVD1.78Act/HorDouglas Chapman 2
Tracers DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/ThrTaylor Lautner 6
Tracker Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/ThrRay Winstone 6
Transformers DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrShia LaBeouf 8
Transformers: Age of Extinction DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciMark Wahlberg 6
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Blu2.35Act/Adv/SciShia LaBeouf 6
Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D2.35Act/Adv/SciShia LaBeouf 6
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Cam1.44Act/Adv/Sci/ThrShia LaBeouf 6
Transformers: The Movie (The) DVD1.37Act/Ani/Fam/SciNorman Alden 7
Transporter (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrJason Statham 6
Transporter 2 DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrJason Statham 6
Transporter 3 R52.35ActJason Statham 7
Transporter Refueled (The) DVD2.35Act/Cri/ThrEd Skrein 5
Transporter: The Series DVD{?}Act/CriChris Vance 7
Treasure Planet DVD1.50Act/Adv/Ani/Com/Dra/Fam/RomRoscoe Lee Browne 7
Tremors 4: The Legend Begins DVD{?}Act/Com/Hor/Sci/Thr/WesMichael Gross 5
Tristan + Isolde DVD1.85Act/Adv/Dra/RomJames Franco 7
Troll Hunter (The) Dvx1.85Act/Adv/Dra/Hor/ThrOtto Jespersen 8
TRON: Legacy Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJeff Bridges 7
TRON: Legacy Blu1.78Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJeff Bridges 7
TRON: Legacy 3D1.78Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJeff Bridges 7
Tropic Thunder DVD2.35Act/Adv/ComJeff Kahn 8
Troy DVD2.35Act/Dra/His/RomJulian Glover 7
Troy Blu2.35Act/Dra/His/RomJulian Glover 7
True Bloodthirst DVD{?}Act/Hor/SciBen Lambert 4
True Justice DVD1.78Act/Cri/Dra/ThrSteven Seagal 5
True Justice Dead Drop DVD{?}Act/Cri/Dra/ThrSteven Seagal 6
True Lies DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Rom/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 7
True Romance DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Rom/ThrChristian Slater 8
Tuesday Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Mys/ThrPhilip Glenister 6
Tunnel Rats Dvx2.35Act/WarMichael Paré 4
Turbo Kid DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrMunro Chambers 7
Turkey Shoot DVD1.78ActDominic Purcell 4
Turn It Up DVD1.85Cri/Dra/Act/MscPras 4
Tuxedo (The) DVD1.85Act/Com/SciJackie Chan 5
Twister DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/ThrHelen Hunt 6
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
U-571 DVD2.35Act/Dra/WarMatthew McConaughey 6
Ultimate Avengers DVD1.78Act/Adv/Ani/SciJustin Gross 7
Ultraviolet DVD1.85Act/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 4
Underclassman DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/Dra/ThrNick Cannon 3
Undercover Brother DVD1.85Act/ComEddie Griffin 6
Underdog Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Com/Fam/SciJason Lee 4
Underworld DVD2.35Act/Fan/Hor/Rom/ThrKate Beckinsale 7
Underworld: Awakening Dvx1.78Act/Fan/HorKate Beckinsale 7
Underworld: Evolution DVD2.35Act/Fan/HorKate Beckinsale 7
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Fan/ThrMichael Sheen 7
Undisputed DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/SpoWesley Snipes 6
Undisputed II: Last Man Standing DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/SpoMichael Jai White 7
Undisputed III: Redemption DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/SpoScott Adkins 8
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Universal Soldiers Dvx2.35Act/SciKristen Quintrall 2
Unstoppable Blu2.35Act/ThrDenzel Washington 7
Until Death Dvx2.35Act/Dra/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 6
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage DVD{?}Act/WarNicolas Cage 5
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
V for Vendetta Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrNatalie Portman 8
V/H/S: Viral DVD1.78Act/Hor/ThrEmmy Argo 4
Valhalla Rising DVD2.35Act/AdvMads Mikkelsen 6
Vampire Academy DVD2.35Act/Com/Fan/Hor/MysZoey Deutch 6
Vampire Wars Scn1.85Act/Hor/SciLeanne Adachi 4
Van Helsing DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fan/Hor/ThrHugh Jackman 5
Van Helsing: The London Assignment DVD1.78Act/Adv/Ani/Fan/Hor/SrtHugh Jackman 6
VANish DVD{?}Act/Cri/Hor/ThrMaiara Walsh 5
Vendetta DVD{?}Act/DraDean Cain 5
Vendetta DVD{?}Act/ThrRoxanne McKee 6
Vertical Limit DVD1.85Act/Adv/ThrChris O'Donnell 5
Vice DVD{?}Act/Adv/Sci/ThrAmbyr Childers 4
View to a Kill (A) DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrRoger Moore 6
Viking Quest DVD{?}Act/Adv/FanHarry Lister Smith 4
Viking Saga: The Darkest Day (A) DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrGareth John Bale 4
Viking: The Berserkers DVD{?}ActSol Heras 4
Vikings DVD19Act/Dra/His/WarTravis Fimmel 9
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Waist Deep DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrTyrese Gibson 5
Wake of Death DVD1.85Act/AdvJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Walking Tall DVD2.35Act/Bio/Com/Dra/ThrDwayne Johnson 6
Walking Tall 2 Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Cri/Dra/ThrKevin Sorbo 5
Wanderers (The) DVD1.66Act/DraKen Wahl 7
Wanted DVD2.35Act/Dra/ThrJames McAvoy 7
War R52.35Act/ThrJet Li 7
War of the Worlds DVD1.85Act/Adv/Sci/ThrTom Cruise 7
War of the Worlds (The) DVD1.37Act/Dra/Hor/Sci/ThrGene Barry 7
War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave Dvx1.78Act/Adv/SciFred Griffith 2
War Pigs DVD1.85Act/WarMickey Rourke 4
Warcraft: The Beginning DVD2.35Act/Adv/FanTravis Fimmel 7
Warrior Dvx2.35Act/Dra/SpoJoel Edgerton 8
Warrior's Way (The) Dvx2.35Act/Fan/WesDong-gun Jang 6
Warrior Princess DVD{?}Act/WarOtgonjargal Davaasuren 6
Warriors (The) DVD1.78Act/Cri/Dra/ThrMichael Beck 7
Warriors of heaven and earth DVD2.35Act/Adv/DraWen Jiang 6
Watchmen Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Fan/MysMalin Akerman 8
Waterloo DVD2.20Act/Dra/His/WarRod Steiger 8
We Still Kill the Old Way DVD{?}Act/CriIan Ogilvy 6
We Were Soldiers DVD2.35Act/Dra/His/WarMel Gibson 7
Weaponized DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrTom Sizemore 5
Welcome to the Punch DVD2.35Act/Adv/Cri/ThrJames McAvoy 6
Westbrick Murders Dvx1.85Act/Cri/ThrDaniell Edwards 3
Westworld DVD2.35Act/Sci/Thr/WesYul Brynner 7
White Dragon (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fan/RomCecilia Cheung 6
White House Down DVD2.35Act/Dra/ThrChanning Tatum 6
Whiteout Dvx2.35Act/Cri/Mys/ThrKate Beckinsale 5
Wicked Blood DVD1.85Act/Dra/ThrAbigail Breslin 5
Wild Card DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJason Statham 6
Wolverine (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciHugh Jackman 7
Wolves DVD2.35Act/HorLucas Till 5
Wonderful Days Dvx1.85Act/Ani/Fan/SciMarc Worden 7
World's End (The) DVD2.35Act/Com/SciThomas Law 7
World Is Not Enough (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrPierce Brosnan 6
World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries Dvx2.35Act/HorPhilip Brodie 6
Wrath of Vajra (The) DVD{?}Act/FanYu Xing 6
Wrong Side of Town Dvx1.85Act/Com/CriDave Bautista 4
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
X-Men DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X-Men Blu2.35Act/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X-Men Origins: Wolverine R52.35Act/Fan/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Blu2.35Act/Fan/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X-Men: Apocalypse DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciJames McAvoy 7
X-Men: Days of Future Past DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 8
X-Men: First Class Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciJames McAvoy 8
X-Men: The Last Stand DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X-Men: The Last Stand Blu2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X2 DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrPatrick Stewart 8
X2 Blu2.35Act/Sci/ThrPatrick Stewart 8
Xena: Warrior Princess DVD1.33Act/Adv/FanLucy Lawless 7
XXx DVD2.35Act/Adv/ThrVin Diesel 5
XXx: State of the Union DVD2.35Act/Adv/Cri/ThrIce Cube 4
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Yojimbo DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/ThrToshirô Mifune 8
You Don't Mess with the Zohan R51.85Act/ComAdam Sandler 6
You Only Live Twice DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrSean Connery 7
Young Ones DVD2.35Act/Dra/Sci/WesElle Fanning 6
Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie DVD1.85Act/Adv/Ani/Fam/FanDan Green 2
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Genre: Action FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Zathura: A Space Adventure DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fam/FanJonah Bobo 6
Zhi sha DVD{?}Act/Dra/His/WarLe Geng 6
Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse Dvx{?}Act/SciChristopher Lloyd 3
Zombie Hunter DVD{?}Act/Com/HorMartin Copping 3
Zoom DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fam/SciTim Allen 2
Zulu DVD2.20Act/Dra/His/WarStanley Baker 8
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