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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
10 Cloverfield Lane DVD2.35Dra/Hor/Mys/Sci/ThrJohn Goodman 7
10,000 Days DVD{?}SciKasey Campbell 3
100 Million BC Dvx1.78Act/Adv/SciMichael Gross 2
13 Eerie DVD{?}Hor/SciKatharine Isabelle 4
2-Headed Shark Attack DVD1.78Act/Hor/SciCarmen Electra 3
20 Years After DVD1.78Dra/Fan/SciAzura Skye 3
20000 Leagues Under the Sea DVD2.55Adv/Dra/Fam/SciKirk Douglas 7
2012 R52.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciJohn Cusack 6
2012 Blu2.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciJohn Cusack 6
2012 Doomsday Dvx2.35Adv/Fan/Hor/SciCaroline Amiguet 2
2012: Ice Age Dvx1.78Act/SciPatrick Labyorteaux 2
2012: Supernova Dvx1.85Act/SciBrian Krause 2
2047 - Sights of Death DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrDanny Glover 3
25th Reich (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciJim Knobeloch 3
28 Days Later... DVD1.85Hor/Sci/ThrAlex Palmer 7
28 Weeks Later DVD1.85Hor/Sci/ThrRobert Carlyle 7
30,000 Leagues Under the Sea DVD1.78Act/SciLorenzo Lamas 3
4400 (The) - (TV Series) DVD1.78Sci/Dra/Mys/ThrJoel Gretsch 7
4400 (The) - Season 1 DVD1.78Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJoel Gretsch 8
4400 (The) - Season 2 DVD1.78Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJoel Gretsch 8
4400 (The) - Season 4 DVD1.78Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJoel Gretsch 8
500 MPH Storm DVD1.78Act/SciCasper Van Dien 2
51 Dvx1.78Hor/SciJason London 4
5th Wave (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrChloë Grace Moretz 5
6th Day (The) DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 6
95ers: Echoes DVD{?}Sci/ThrAlesandra Durham 4
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
About Time DVD2.35Com/Dra/SciDomhnall Gleeson 8
Absolutely Anything DVD2.35Com/SciSimon Pegg 6
Adjustment Bureau (The) Dvx1.85Rom/Sci/ThrMatt Damon 7
Adventures of RoboRex (The) DVD{?}Fam/SciBen Browder 6
Aeon Flux DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrCharlize Theron 6
After Earth DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciJaden Smith 5
After the Dark DVD{?}Dra/Fan/Sci/ThrJames D'Arcy 6
Against the Dark Dvx1.85Act/Hor/Sci/ThrSteven Seagal 3
Age of Dinosaurs DVD1.78Act/SciKenneth Adams 3
Age of the Dragons Dvx2.35Act/Fan/Sci/ThrDanny Glover 3
Age of Tomorrow DVD1.78Act/Sci/ThrKelly Hu 2
Air DVD2.35Sci/ThrNorman Reedus 5
Alias - (TV Series) DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJennifer Garner 8
Alias - Series 3 DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJennifer Garner 8
Alias - Series 4 DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJennifer Garner 8
Alias - Series 5 DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJennifer Garner 8
Alien DVD2.20Hor/Sci/ThrTom Skerritt 8
Alien 3 DVD2.20Act/Dra/Hor/Sci/ThrSigourney Weaver 6
Alien Abduction DVD{?}Hor/Sci/ThrKatherine Sigismund 5
Alien Autopsy DVD1.85Com/SciDeclan Donnelly 4
Alien Dawn DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrRachelle Dimaria 2
Alien Origin DVD1.78Bio/Hor/Sci/ThrChelsea Vincent 2
Alien outpost DVD1.85Act/Sci/ThrReiley McClendon 5
Alien Raiders Dvx2.35Sci/ThrCarlos Bernard 6
Alien Showdown: The Day the Old West Stood Still DVD19Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/WesRobert Amstler 2
Alien: Resurrection DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrSigourney Weaver 6
Alienate DVD2.35Dra/Hor/Sci/ThrBlake Webb 3
Aliens DVD1.85Act/Hor/Sci/ThrSigourney Weaver 8
Allegiant DVD2.35Act/Adv/Mys/Sci/ThrShailene Woodley 6
Almost Human DVD19Act/Cri/Dra/SciKarl Urban 8
Altitude DVD2.35Hor/Mys/Sci/ThrJessica Lowndes 5
Android Cop DVD1.78Act/SciMichael Jai White 3
Anomaly (The) DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrNoel Clarke 5
Another Earth Dvx1.85Dra/SciWilliam Mapother 7
Ant-Man DVD1.85Act/Adv/SciPaul Rudd 8
Antiviral DVD1.85Hor/Sci/ThrCaleb Landry Jones 6
Apocalypse Z DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciChristian Boeving 2
Apollo 18 Dvx1.33Hor/Sci/ThrWarren Christie 5
Appleseed Alpha DVD{?}Ani/Act/SciLuci Christian 7
Arctic Blast Dvx1.78Sci/ThrMichael Shanks 4
Ark DVD1.85Ani/Act/Dra/SciChiara Zanni 6
Armageddon DVD2.20Act/Dra/Rom/Sci/ThrBruce Willis 6
Arrowhead DVD1.85Act/Adv/Mys/SciAleisha Rose 4
Artificial Intelligence: AI DVD1.85Adv/Dra/SciHaley Joel Osment 7
Ascension DVD{?}Dra/SciTricia Helfer 7
Asteroid vs. Earth DVD1.78Act/Adv/Sci/ThrTia Carrere 3
Astro Boy Dvx2.35Act/Ani/Fam/SciNicolas Cage 6
Atlantic Rim DVD1.78Act/SciDavid Chokachi 2
Atlantis: The Lost Empire DVD2.35Act/Adv/Ani/Fan/SciMichael J. Fox 6
Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike DVD2.35Dra/Mys/SciSamantha Mathis 6
Atlas Shrugged: Part III DVD{?}Dra/Mys/SciKristoffer Polaha 4
Attack the Block Dvx2.35Com/Hor/SciNick Frost 7
Automata DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrAntonio Banderas 6
Autumn Dvx{?}Hor/Sci/ThrDexter Fletcher 3
Avatar Blu1.78Act/Adv/Fan/SciSam Worthington 8
Avatar 3d 3D1.78Act/Adv/Fan/SciSam Worthington 8
Avengers (The) DVD1.85Act/SciRobert Downey Jr. 9
Avengers Grimm DVD1.78Act/Adv/Fan/SciCasper Van Dien 3
Avengers: Age of Ultron DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciRobert Downey Jr. 8
AVP: Alien vs. Predator DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrSanaa Lathan 5
AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem Dvx2.35Act/Hor/SciSteven Pasquale 6
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Babylon 5 DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/SciJerry Doyle 8
Babylon A.D. DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrVin Diesel 5
Battle for Skyark DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fam/SciCaon Mortenson 3
Battle for the Planet of the Apes DVD2.35Act/SciRoddy McDowall 5
Battle of the Damned DVD1.85Act/Adv/SciDolph Lundgren 5
Battle Planet Dvx1.78SciZack Ward 4
Battle: Los Angeles Blu2.35Act/SciAaron Eckhart 6
Battledogs DVD1.78Hor/SciDennis Haysbert 4
Battlefield Earth DVD2.35Act/SciJohn Travolta 2
Battleship DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/Thr/WarTaylor Kitsch 6
Battlestar Galactica DVD1.78Act/Adv/Dra/SciEdward James Olmos 8
Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome DVD{?}Act/SciLuke Pasqualino 7
Battlestar Galactica: Razor DVD1.78Act/Dra/Sci/ThrEdward James Olmos 8
Battlestar Galactica: The Plan Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Dra/SciTricia Helfer 7
Bay (The) DVD{?}Hor/Sci/ThrKristen Connolly 6
Beneath the Planet of the Apes DVD2.35Act/SciJames Franciscus 6
Bering Sea Beast DVD{?}SciCassandra Scerbo 3
Bermuda Tentacles DVD1.78Act/Hor/Sci/ThrTrevor Donovan 4
Beyond the Call to Duty DVD2.35Act/Dra/Sci/Thr/WarKevin Tanski 2
Big Ass Spider DVD1.85Act/Com/SciLin Shaye 5
Big Hero 6 Scn2.35Ani/Act/Adv/Com/Fam/SciScott Adsit 8
Black Hole (The) DVD1.78Sci/ThrKristy Swanson 3
Blade Runner DVD2.20Act/Sci/ThrHarrison Ford 8
Bounty Killer DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrMatthew Marsden 5
Box (The) Blu2.35Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrCameron Diaz 6
Box of Shadows DVD2.35Hor/Sci/ThrAaron Dean Eisenberg 5
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - (TV Series) DVD37Act/Adv/SciGil Gerard 7
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Series 1 DVD1.33Adv/SciGil Gerard 7
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Series 2 DVD1.33Adv/SciGil Gerard 7
Butterfly Effect (The) DVD1.85Mys/Sci/ThrAshton Kutcher 8
Butterfly Effect 2 (The) DVD{?}Dra/Sci/ThrEric Lively 4
Butterfly Effect: Revelation Dvx2.35Cri/Dra/Sci/ThrChris Carmack 6
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Captain America: Civil War DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Evans 8
Captain America: The First Avenger Dvx2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Evans 7
Captain America: The Winter Soldier DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Evans 8
Carrier (The) DVD{?}Act/Dra/Sci/ThrEdmund Kingsley 4
Casshern Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciYusuke Iseya 6
Castle in the sky DVD1.85Act/Adv/Ani/Fam/Fan/SciMayumi Tanaka 8
Cave (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrCole Hauser 5
Cell DVD{?}Hor/Sci/ThrJohn Cusack 4
Cell (The) DVD2.35Cri/Dra/Fan/Hor/Sci/ThrJennifer Lopez 6
Cemetery Gates DVD{?}Hor/Act/SciReggie Bannister 4
Chappie DVD2.35Act/Cri/Sci/ThrSharlto Copley 7
Chicken Little DVD1.85Act/Adv/Ani/Com/Fam/SciZach Braff 6
Children of Men Dvx1.85Adv/Dra/Sci/ThrClive Owen 8
Choker DVD{?}Hor/Act/SciPaul Sloan 3
Chronicle Dvx1.85Dra/Sci/ThrDane DeHaan 7
Chronicles of Riddick (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrVin Diesel 6
Chrysalis DVD2.35Dra/Hor/SciSara Gorsky 5
City of Ember Dvx2.35Adv/Fam/Fan/SciDavid Ryall 7
Clan of the Cave Bear (The) DVD2.35Adv/Dra/Fan/SciDaryl Hannah 5
Close Encounters of the Third Kind DVD2.20Adv/Dra/SciRichard Dreyfuss 8
Cloth (The) DVD2.35Adv/Sci/ThrDanny Trejo 3
Cloud Atlas DVD2.35Dra/Mys/SciTom Hanks 8
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 DVD2.35Ani/Com/Fam/Fan/SciBill Hader 6
Cloverfield Dvx1.85Act/Mys/Sci/ThrLizzy Caplan 8
Code 46 DVD2.35Dra/Rom/Sci/ThrTim Robbins 6
Colony (The) DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrLaurence Fishburne 5
Congo DVD1.85Act/Adv/Mys/SciLaura Linney 4
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes DVD2.35Act/SciRoddy McDowall 6
Contact DVD2.35Dra/Mys/SciJena Malone 7
Containment DVD{?}Hor/Sci/ThrLouise Brealey 5
Control DVD1.85Sci/ThrRay Liotta 6
Corridor (The) DVD{?}Dra/Hor/Sci/ThrStephen Chambers 5
Cowboys & Aliens Dvx2.35Act/Sci/Thr/WesDaniel Craig 6
Cowboys & Zombies DVD{?}Hor/Sci/Thr/WesDavid A. Lockhart 3
Cowboys vs Dinosaurs DVD{?}Act/SciEric Roberts 3
Criminal DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrKevin Costner 6
Crusade DVD1.33Act/Dra/SciGary Cole 7
Crystal Skulls DVD{?}Adv/SciRichard Burgi 3
Cyclops Dvx1.78Adv/Dra/Fan/SciEric Roberts 3
Cypher DVD1.85Act/Mys/Sci/ThrJeremy Northam 7
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. DVD2.35SciPeter Cushing 6
Danger Mouse DVD{?}Ani/Com/Fam/SciDavid Jason 8
Dark City DVD2.35Mys/Sci/ThrRufus Sewell 8
Dark Lurking (The) Dvx2.35Act/Hor/SciAash Aaron 3
Dark Skies DVD2.35Hor/Sci/ThrKeri Russell 6
Darkest Hour (The) Dvx2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrEmile Hirsch 5
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes DVD1.85Act/Dra/Sci/ThrAndy Serkis 8
Day (The) DVD1.85Dra/Sci/ThrShawn Ashmore 6
Day After Tomorrow (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Sci/ThrDennis Quaid 6
Day of the Triffids DVD{?}Com/Hor/SciAaron Helferich 0
Day the Earth Stood Still (The) Dvx2.35Dra/Sci/ThrKeanu Reeves 6
Day the Earth Stood Still (The) Dvx1.37Dra/Sci/ThrMichael Rennie 8
Day the Earth Stopped (The) Dvx1.78Act/SciC. Thomas Howell 3
Daylight's End DVD2.35Act/Fan/Hor/SciJohnny Strong 5
Dead Meat DVD{?}Act/Com/Hor/SciMarian Araujo 5
Dead Sea DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrJames Duval 4
Deadpool DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Rom/SciRyan Reynolds 8
Death Race DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJason Statham 7
Death Race 2 Blu1.78Act/Sci/ThrLuke Goss 6
Death Race 2000 DVD1.85Act/Sci/SpoDavid Carradine 6
Death Race 2050 DVD{?}Act/Com/SciManu Bennett 4
Debug DVD{?}Hor/SciTenika Davis 4
Decoys DVD1.85Com/Hor/SciCorey Sevier 4
Deep Evil DVD1.85Hor/SciLorenzo Lamas 4
Deep Rising DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciTreat Williams 5
Deja Vu Dvx2.35Act/Rom/Sci/ThrDenzel Washington 7
Demolition Man DVD2.35Act/Com/Cri/SciSylvester Stallone 6
Despicable Me 2 DVD1.85Ani/Adv/Com/Cri/Fam/SciSteve Carell 8
Devil s Tomb (The) Scn1.85Act/Hor/Sci/ThrCuba Gooding Jr. 4
Diamonds Are Forever DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrSean Connery 7
Dinosaur Island DVD{?}Adv/Fam/SciDarius Williams 4
Dinosaur Project (The) Dvx2.35Adv/SciNatasha Loring 4
Disaster! Dvx{?}Ani/Com/SciLucinda Chrisman 5
District 13 Dvx2.35Act/Cri/SciCyril Raffaelli 7
District 9 Blu1.85Act/Dra/Sci/ThrSharlto Copley 8
Divergent DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrShailene Woodley 7
Doctor Who The Day of the Doctor DVD1.78Adv/Dra/Fam/SciMatt Smith 9
Donnie Darko DVD2.35Dra/Mys/SciJake Gyllenhaal 8
Donovan's Echo DVD{?}Dra/Fan/Mys/Sci/ThrBruce Greenwood 6
Doom DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrKarl Urban 5
Doomsday DVD2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrCaryn Peterson 7
Dracula 3000 DVD1.85Hor/SciCasper Van Dien 2
Dragon Wasps DVD1.85Act/SciCorin Nemec 3
Dragonball Evolution R52.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciJustin Chatwin 3
Dreamcatcher DVD2.35Dra/Fan/Hor/Sci/ThrMorgan Freeman 5
Dreamland Dvx{?}Sci/Hor/MysJackie Kreisler 4
Dredd DVD2.35Act/Cri/Sci/ThrKarl Urban 7
Dust of War DVD2.35Act/SciSteven Luke 4
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial DVD1.85Dra/Fam/Fan/SciHenry Thomas 8
Earth to Echo DVD1.85Adv/Fam/SciTeo Halm 6
Earthfall DVD1.78Act/SciJoe Lando 3
Edge of Tomorrow DVD2.35Act/SciTom Cruise 8
Eight Legged Freaks DVD2.35Act/Com/Hor/SciDavid Arquette 5
Ejecta DVD1.85SciJulian Richings 4
Electra DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrShannon Tweed 3
Elysium DVD2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrMatt Damon 7
Encounter (The) DVD{?}Hor/SciClint James 4
Ender's Game DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciAsa Butterfield 7
Equals DVD1.85Dra/Rom/SciNicholas Hoult 6
Equilibrium DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrDominic Purcell 8
Escape from Planet Earth DVD2.35Ani/Adv/Com/Fam/SciBrendan Fraser 6
Escape from the Planet of the Apes DVD2.35Act/Dra/SciRoddy McDowall 6
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind DVD1.85Dra/Rom/SciJim Carrey 9
Europa Report DVD{?}Sci/ThrChristian Camargo 6
Eve of Destruction DVD{?}Dra/SciSteven Weber 4
Event Horizon DVD2.35Hor/Mys/SciLaurence Fishburne 7
Evil Aliens DVD1.85Com/Hor/SciChristopher Adamson 6
Evolution Dvx1.85Com/SciDavid Duchovny 6
Ex Machina DVD2.35Dra/SciDomhnall Gleeson 8
EXistenZ Dvx1.78Cri/Dra/Hor/Sci/ThrJennifer Jason Leigh 7
Extracted DVD{?}Dra/SciSasha Roiz 6
Extraterrestrial DVD2.35Hor/SciBrittany Allen 5
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciIoan Gruffudd 6
Fantastic Four DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciMiles Teller 4
Fantastic Four DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciIoan Gruffudd 6
Ferocious Planet Dvx1.77Adv/Sci/ThrJoe Flanigan 4
Fido Dvx2.35Com/Hor/SciCarrie-Anne Moss 7
Final Cut (The) DVD2.35Sci/ThrRobin Williams 6
Fire Twister DVD{?}Act/Adv/Sci/ThrRyan Barr 4
Fireball XL5 DVD1.33Fam/SciPaul Maxwell 8
Firequake DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrAlexandra Paul 4
Flash Gordon DVD2.20Act/Com/Fan/SciSam J. Jones 6
Flesh Wounds DVD{?}SciKevin Sorbo 3
Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane Dvx1.85Act/Hor/SciDavid Chisum 5
Flight of the Navigator DVD1.85Adv/Fam/SciJoey Cramer 7
Flight World War II DVD1.78Act/Adv/Sci/WarFaran Tahir 4
Flu (The) DVD2.35Act/Dra/SciHyuk Jang 7
Flying Monkeys DVD{?}Fan/Hor/SciElectra Avellan 4
Forgotten (The) DVD1.85Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJulianne Moore 6
Fountain (The) Dvx1.85Dra/Rom/SciHugh Jackman 8
Fourth Kind (The) Dvx2.35Mys/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 6
Frankenfish DVD{?}Hor/Sci/ThrTory Kittles 5
Frankenstein's Army DVD1.78Act/Hor/SciKarel Roden 5
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel Dvx1.78Com/SciChris O'Dowd 7
Futurama: Bender's Big Score Dvx1.37Adv/Ani/Com/SciBilly West 8
Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder Dvx1.78Act/Ani/Com/SciBilly West 7
Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs Dvx1.78Ani/Com/SciBilly West 7
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
G.I. Joe: Retaliation DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrDwayne Johnson 6
G.I. Joe: The Movie DVD1.33Act/Adv/Ani/Fam/Fan/SciCharles Adler 7
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrAdewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje 6
Gamer Dvx1.85Act/Sci/ThrGerard Butler 6
Ghost Storm DVD{?}Act/Hor/SciCrystal Allen 4
Ghostbusters DVD2.35Act/Com/Fan/SciZach Woods 5
Ghostquake DVD{?}Fan/Hor/SciM.C. Gainey 3
Ghosts of Mars DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciNatasha Henstridge 5
Giver (The) DVD2.35Dra/SciJeff Bridges 7
Godzilla DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrAaron Taylor-Johnson 7
Grabbers DVD2.35Com/Sci/ThrRichard Coyle 6
Gravity DVD2.35Dra/Sci/ThrSandra Bullock 8
Green Lantern Blu2.35Act/Adv/Fan/Sci/ThrRyan Reynolds 6
Green Lantern Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Fan/Sci/ThrRyan Reynolds 6
Green Lantern 3D2.35Act/Adv/Fan/Sci/ThrRyan Reynolds 6
Grizzly Flats Dvx{?}SciJudd Nelson 3
Guardians of the Galaxy DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Pratt 8
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds DVD1.78SciC. Thomas Howell 3
Halloween III: Season of the Witch DVD2.35Hor/SciTom Atkins 4
Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn DVD2.35Act/SciRobin August 7
Halo Legends Dvx1.78Act/Ani/SciJames Faulkner 6
Halo: Nightfall DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrSteven Waddington 6
Hardcore Henry DVD1.85Act/Adv/Sci/ThrSharlto Copley 7
Hellboy DVD1.37Act/Adv/Fan/Hor/SciRon Perlman 7
High Plains Invaders Dvx1.33Sci/WesJames Marsters 5
Highlander: Endgame DVD2.35Act/SciAdrian Paul 4
Highlander: The Source DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciAdrian Paul 3
Hirokin Dvx{?}Act/Adv/Dra/Fan/SciWes Bentley 3
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (The) DVD2.35Adv/Com/SciBill Bailey 7
Hollow Man II DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrChristian Slater 5
Home DVD1.85Ani/Adv/Com/Fam/Fan/SciJim Parsons 7
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids DVD1.85Adv/Com/Fam/SciRick Moranis 6
Horrors of War DVD1.78Act/Hor/Sci/WarJon Osbeck 3
Host (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Rom/Sci/ThrRachel Roberts 6
Hot Tub Time Machine Dvx1.85Com/SciJohn Cusack 7
Hot Tub Time Machine Blu1.85Com/SciJohn Cusack 7
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 DVD1.85Com/SciRob Corddry 5
How to Make a Monster DVD1.78Sci/ThrSteven Culp 5
Howls moving castle DVD1.85Adv/Ani/Fan/Rom/SciChieko Baisho 8
Hulk DVD1.85Act/Dra/Fan/Sci/ThrEric Bana 6
Human Race (The) DVD1.85Act/Hor/SciPaul McCarthy-Boyington 6
Hunger Games (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciStanley Tucci 7
Hunger Games: Catching Fire (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJennifer Lawrence 8
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (The) DVD2.35Adv/SciJennifer Lawrence 7
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (The) DVD2.35Adv/SciJennifer Lawrence 7
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
I Am Legend Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Fan/Hor/Sci/ThrWill Smith 8
I Am Number Four Blu1.85Act/Sci/ThrAlex Pettyfer 6
I Origins DVD05Dra/SciMichael Pitt 7
I, Frankenstein DVD2.35Act/Fan/SciAaron Eckhart 5
I: Robot DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrWill Smith 7
I: Robot Blu2.35Act/Sci/ThrWill Smith 7
Ice DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrRichard Roxburgh 4
Ice Age: Collision Course DVD2.35Ani/Adv/Com/Fam/SciStephanie Beatriz 6
Ice Sharks DVD1.78Act/Adv/Hor/SciEdward DeRuiter 3
Ice Soldiers DVD2.35Act/SciDominic Purcell 4
Idiocracy DVD1.85Adv/Com/Sci/ThrLuke Wilson 6
Immortel (ad vitam) DVD1.85Act/Dra/SciLinda Hardy 6
Impostor DVD1.85Act/Dra/Sci/ThrGary Sinise 6
In Time Dvx2.35Act/Sci/ThrCillian Murphy 7
Inception Blu2.35Act/Cri/Mys/SciLeonardo DiCaprio 9
Incredible Hulk (The) Dvx2.35Act/Sci/ThrEdward Norton 8
Incredible Shrinking Man (The) DVD1.85Dra/Sci/ThrGrant Williams 8
Incredibles (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Ani/Com/Fam/Fan/SciCraig T. Nelson 8
Independence Day DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrWill Smith 6
Independence Day Blu2.35Act/Sci/ThrWill Smith 6
Independence Daysaster DVD{?}Act/SciCasey Dubois 4
Independents' Day DVD1.78Act/SciFay Gauthier 2
Infected DVD1.78Hor/SciDillaran Martin 3
Infestation Dvx1.85Act/Com/Hor/SciDiane Gaeta 6
Infini DVD2.35Hor/Sci/ThrDaniel MacPherson 5
Inhabited Island Dvx{?}Act/Adv/SciIgnat Akrachkov 5
Insurgent DVD2.35Adv/Sci/ThrKate Winslet 6
Interstellar Scn2.35Adv/SciEllen Burstyn 9
Invasion (The) Scn1.85Act/Dra/Hor/Sci/ThrNicole Kidman 6
Invincible Iron Man (The) Dvx1.78Ani/Act/Adv/Fan/SciMarc Worden 6
Iron Man Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Sci/ThrRobert Downey Jr. 8
Iron Man Blu2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Sci/ThrRobert Downey Jr. 8
Iron Man 2 Dvx2.35Act/Adv/SciRobert Downey Jr. 7
Iron Man 2 Blu2.35Act/Adv/SciRobert Downey Jr. 7
Iron Man 3 DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciRobert Downey Jr. 8
Iron Sky Dvx2.35Act/Com/SciJulia Dietze 7
Island (The) DVD2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrEwan McGregor 7
It's Alive Dvx2.35Hor/SciRaphaël Coleman 4
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Jacket (The) DVD2.35Dra/Fan/Hor/Sci/ThrAdrien Brody 7
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday DVD1.85Act/Hor/SciKane Hodder 4
Jason X DVD1.85Hor/SciKane Hodder 4
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius DVD1.85Adv/Ani/Com/Fam/SciMegan Cavanagh 6
John Carter Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciTaylor Kitsch 7
John Dies at the End DVD1.78Com/Hor/SciChase Williamson 6
Johnny Mnemonic DVD1.85Act/SciKeanu Reeves 5
Journey to the Center of the Earth DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fam/Fan/Sci/ThrBrendan Fraser 6
Judge Dredd DVD2.35Act/Cri/SciSylvester Stallone 5
Jumper R52.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrHayden Christensen 6
Jupiter Ascending DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciMila Kunis 6
Jurassic Attack DVD{?}Act/Hor/SciGary Stretch 2
Jurassic City DVD{?}SciRay Wise 4
Jurassic Park DVD1.85Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrSam Neill 8
Jurassic Park III DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fan/Hor/Sci/ThrSam Neill 6
Jurassic Shark DVD{?}Act/Hor/SciEmanuelle Carriere 2
Jurassic World DVD2.00Act/Adv/Sci/ThrChris Pratt 7
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
K-PAX DVD2.35Dra/SciKevin Spacey 7
Karate Dog (The) DVD{?}Act/Com/Cri/Fam/SciJon Voight 3
Kill Command DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciVanessa Kirby 6
Killer Mountain DVD{?}Adv/Sci/ThrAaron Douglas 4
Kingu Kongu vs Godzilla Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Com/Hor/SciTadao Takashima 5
Knowing DVD2.35Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrNicolas Cage 6
Knowing Blu2.35Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrNicolas Cage 6
Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep Dvx{?}Fan/Hor/SciCharlie O'Connell 4
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
LA Apocalypse DVD1.78Act/Sci/ThrRaymond J. Barry 2
Lake Placid: The Final Chapter DVD1.85Hor/SciYancy Butler 4
Land That Time Forgot (The) Dvx1.78Act/Fan/SciC. Thomas Howell 3
Last Days on Mars (The) DVD2.35Hor/Sci/ThrLiev Schreiber 6
Last Man (The) Dvx1.85SciSantiago Craig 4
Last Mimzy (The) DVD2.35Fam/SciChris O'Neil 6
Last Sentinel (The) Dvx1.85Act/SciDon 'The Dragon' Wilson 3
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (The) DVD2.35Act/Fan/SciSean Connery 5
Left Behind DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrChad Michael Murray 3
Leroy & Stitch DVD{?}Ani/Adv/Fam/SciDaveigh Chase 6
Lexx season 1 - 3 DVD1.33Adv/Sci/Fan/ComBrian Downey 7
Lilo & Stitch DVD1.85Adv/Ani/Com/Dra/Fam/SciDaveigh Chase 7
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch DVD1.78Ani/Com/Fam/SciWilliam J. Caparella 6
Limitless R52.35Mys/Sci/ThrBradley Cooper 7
Living Hell DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrJohnathon Schaech 5
Lobster (The) DVD1.85Com/Dra/Rom/Sci/ThrJacqueline Abrahams 7
Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent Dvx{?}Hor/SciDMX 2
Looper DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrJoseph Gordon-Levitt 8
Lost City Raiders Dvx1.78Act/Adv/SciJames Brolin 4
Lost Future (The) Dvx1.78Adv/SciSean Bean 5
Lost in Space DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciWilliam Hurt 5
Lost World: Jurassic Park (The) DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fan/Hor/Sci/ThrJeff Goldblum 6
Lucy DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrScarlett Johansson 6
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Machine (The) DVD{?}Sci/ThrCaity Lotz 6
Mad Max DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Sci/ThrMel Gibson 7
Mad Max 2 DVD2.20Act/Adv/Sci/ThrMel Gibson 8
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome DVD2.20Act/Adv/SciMel Gibson 6
Mad Max: Fury Road DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrTom Hardy 8
Man-Thing DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciMatthew Le Nevez 4
Man in the High Castle (The) DVD19Dra/Sci/ThrAlexa Davalos 8
Man of Steel Scn2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciHenry Cavill 8
Manchurian Candidate (The) DVD1.85Dra/Mys/Sci/Thr/WarJeffrey Wright 7
Mark (The) DVD{?}Act/Fan/Sci/ThrCraig Sheffer 4
Mark: Redemption (The) DVD{?}Act/Fan/Sci/ThrCraig Sheffer 4
Mars Attacks! DVD2.35Act/Com/Fan/SciJack Nicholson 6
Martian (The) DVD2.35Adv/Dra/SciMatt Damon 8
Marvel One-Shot: Item 47 Dvx{?}Srt/Act/SciLizzy Caplan 7
Mass Effect: Paragon Lost DVD{?}Ani/Act/SciLaura Bailey 6
Matrix (The) DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrKeanu Reeves 9
Matrix Reloaded (The) DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrRay Anthony 7
Matrix Revolutions (The) DVD2.20Act/Sci/ThrMary Alice 6
Maze Runner (The) DVD2.35Act/Mys/Sci/ThrDylan O'Brien 7
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrDylan O'Brien 6
Meet Dave R51.85Com/SciEddie Murphy 3
Meet the Robinsons Dvx1.85Adv/Ani/Com/Fam/SciAngela Bassett 7
Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus DVD1.78Act/Hor/Sci/ThrGary Stretch 3
Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus Dvx1.78Act/Hor/SciLorenzo Lamas 3
Mega Shark vs. Kolossus DVD1.78Act/Hor/Sci/ThrIlleana Douglas 3
Megamind Dvx1.44Ani/Act/Com/Fam/SciWill Ferrell 7
Men in Black DVD1.85Act/Com/SciTommy Lee Jones 7
Men in Black 3 Dvx1.85Act/Com/SciWill Smith 7
Men in Black II DVD1.37Act/Com/SciTommy Lee Jones 6
Meteor Storm Dvx{?}Act/SciMichael Trucco 4
Minority Report DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrTom Cruise 8
Misfits series 1 to 4 DVD1.78Com/Dra/Fan/SciNathan Stewart-Jarrett 9
Mist (The) Dvx1.85Dra/Hor/Sci/ThrThomas Jane 8
Mongolian Death Worm Dvx1.78Act/Hor/SciSean Patrick Flanery 3
Monster Mutt Dvx{?}Com/Fam/SciRhiannon Leigh Wryn 4
Monsters Dvx2.35Dra/Sci/ThrWhitney Able 7
Monsters Blu2.35Dra/Sci/ThrWhitney Able 7
Monsters: Dark Continent DVD2.35Dra/Sci/ThrJohnny Harris 4
Moonraker DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrRoger Moore 6
Mr. Peabody & Sherman DVD1.85Ani/Adv/Com/Fam/SciTy Burrell 7
Mutant Chronicles (The) Dvx1.85Act/Adv/SciThomas Jane 6
My Super Ex-Girlfriend DVD2.35Com/Rom/SciUma Thurman 6
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Narcopolis DVD{?}Mys/Sci/ThrElliot Cowan 4
New order DVD19Fan/Sci/ThrFranco Nero 3
Next DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrNicolas Cage 6
Night Skies Scn1.85Hor/Sci/ThrJason Connery 5
Nightmare City 2035 Dvx{?}Act/SciMaxwell Caulfield 4
Nomad the Beginning DVD1.85Act/SciClint Glenn Hummel 3
Nuclear Family DVD{?}SciCorin Nemec 5
NYC: Tornado Terror Dvx1.78Act/Dra/Sci/ThrNicole de Boer 4
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Oblivion DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciTom Cruise 7
One (The) DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrJet Li 6
Outlander DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciJim Caviezel 7
Outpost: Black Sun Dvx{?}Act/Hor/SciCatherine Steadman 5
Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciBryan Larkin 5
Overtime DVD1.78Com/Hor/SciAl Snow 5
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
P-51 Dragon Fighter DVD{?}Act/Fan/Sci/WarScott Martin 3
P.I.: Post Impact DVD{?}Act/Adv/Sci/ThrDean Cain 3
Pacific Rim DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fan/SciCharlie Hunnam 8
Pandorum Dvx2.35Act/Sci/ThrDennis Quaid 7
Parasitic DVD1.78Hor/SciJulie Anne 2
Parts Per Billion DVD{?}Dra/Rom/SciFrank Langella 4
Patient Zero DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrBrandon Slagle 5
Paul Blu2.35Adv/Com/SciSimon Pegg 7
Paycheck DVD2.35Act/Mys/Sci/ThrBen Affleck 6
Pegasus Vs. Chimera DVD{?}Fan/Hor/SciSebastian Roché 3
Perfect Weapon (The) DVD{?}Act/SciSteven Seagal 3
Perfect: Android Rising DVD1.78Dra/SciRoberto Lombardi 2
Philadelphia Experiment (The) DVD1.85Adv/Dra/Fan/Rom/SciMichael Paré 6
Phoenix Incident (The) DVD{?}Sci/ThrElise Muller 5
Pinocchio 3000 DVD1.66Ani/Fam/SciRaymond Bouchard 4
Piranhaconda DVD{?}Hor/SciMichael Madsen 3
Pitch Black DVD2.35Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrVin Diesel 7
Pixels DVD2.35Act/Com/SciAdam Sandler 6
Plaguers DVD{?}Hor/SciSteve Railsback 3
Planet of the Apes DVD2.35Act/SciMark Wahlberg 6
Planet Terror R51.85Act/Hor/SciFreddy Rodríguez 8
Portal Dvx{?}Hor/SciChris Conrad 3
Power Rangers DinoThunder DVD1.33Act/Adv/Com/Dra/Fam/Sci/ThrJason David Frank 6
Power Rangers Mystic Force Dvx{?}Act/Adv/Fan/Sci/ThrFirass Dirani 6
Predator DVD1.85Act/Hor/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 8
Predator 2 DVD1.37Act/Cri/Hor/Sci/ThrKevin Peter Hall 6
Predator Island DVD1.78Act/Com/Hor/SciDaniel Gordon 2
Predators R52.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrAdrien Brody 7
Predestination DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrEthan Hawke 8
Priest Dvx2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrPaul Bettany 6
Prism Dvx1.78Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrKaren Garcia 6
Project Almanac DVD2.35Sci/ThrJonny Weston 6
Prometheus Dvx1.66Adv/Sci/ThrNoomi Rapace 8
Prometheus Trap DVD2.35SciMichael Shattner 3
Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys DVD{?}Com/Fan/Hor/Sci/ThrCorey Feldman 4
Puppet Master X: Axis Rising DVD{?}Fan/Hor/SciPaul Thomas Arnold 4
Purge (The) DVD2.35Hor/Sci/ThrEthan Hawke 6
Push Dvx2.35Act/Sci/ThrColin Ford 6
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Race to Witch Mountain DVD2.35Adv/Fam/Fan/SciDwayne Johnson 6
Ratchet & Clank DVD2.35Ani/Act/Adv/Com/Fam/SciPaul Giamatti 6
Re-Generator DVD19Act/SciOlivier Gruner 3
Real Playing Game DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciCian Barry 4
Real Steel Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Sci/SpoHugh Jackman 7
Reaper DVD{?}Cri/Hor/Sci/ThrDanny Trejo 5
Red Dwarf - (TV Series) DVD1.33Com/SciCraig Charles 9
Renaissance DVD2.35Act/Ani/Dra/Sci/ThrDaniel Craig 7
Repli-Kate DVD1.78Com/SciAli Landry 6
Repo Men DVD2.35Act/Cri/Dra/SciJude Law 6
Repo Men Blu2.35Act/Cri/Dra/SciJude Law 6
Repo! The Genetic Opera DVD1.85Com/Hor/Mus/SciAlexa PenaVega 6
Report 51 DVD1.78Sci/ThrMichela Bruni 4
Resident Evil DVD1.85Act/Hor/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 6
Resident Evil: Afterlife Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 6
Resident Evil: Afterlife Blu1.78Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 6
Resident Evil: Apocalypse DVD2.35Act/Hor/SciMilla Jovovich 6
Resident Evil: Extinction R52.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 7
Resident Evil: Retribution DVD2.35Act/Hor/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 6
Return of the Living Dead III DVD1.85Hor/Rom/SciKent McCord 6
Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis DVD{?}Com/Hor/SciAimee-Lynn Chadwick 3
Revolution DVD19Act/Adv/Dra/SciBilly Burke 7
Riddick DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrVin Diesel 7
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrJames Franco 8
Road Kill Dvx2.35Hor/Sci/ThrBob Morley 4
Road Wars DVD1.78Act/SciChloe Farnworth 3
RoboCop DVD1.85Act/Cri/Sci/ThrPeter Weller 8
RoboCop DVD2.35Act/Cri/Sci/ThrJoel Kinnaman 6
RoboCop 2 DVD1.85Act/Cri/Sci/ThrBelinda Bauer 6
RoboCop 3 DVD1.85Act/Cri/Dra/Sci/ThrRobert John Burke 4
Robosapien: Rebooted DVD{?}Adv/Dra/Fam/SciKim Coates 5
Robot & Frank DVD2.35Com/Cri/Dra/SciFrank Langella 7
Robot Overlords DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciGillian Anderson 4
Robot Revolution DVD2.35SciVirginia Logan 3
Robots DVD1.85Adv/Ani/Com/Fam/Fan/SciHalle Berry 6
Rollerball DVD1.85Act/Sci/SpoJames Caan 6
Rottweiler DVD1.85Hor/SciWilliam Miller 3
Rubinrot DVD2.35Dra/Fan/Mys/Rom/SciMaria Ehrich 6
Rumors of Wars DVD{?}Dra/Sci/ThrBen Davies 4
Rz-9 DVD{?}Act/SciEthan McDowell 3
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
S1m0ne Dvx2.35Com/Dra/SciAl Pacino 6
Safety Not Guaranteed DVD2.35Com/SciAubrey Plaza 7
Salena Incident (The) DVD1.33Act/Hor/Sci/ThrDan Southworth 3
San Andreas Quake DVD1.78Act/SciJhey Castles 2
Scavengers DVD1.78SciJohn Lee Ames 3
Scooby-Doo DVD1.37Adv/Com/Fam/Fan/Mys/SciFreddie Prinze Jr. 5
Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase DVD{?}Adv/Ani/Com/Fam/Mys/SciScott Innes 6
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed DVD1.85Adv/Com/Fam/Fan/Hor/Mys/SciFreddie Prinze Jr. 5
Screamers: The Hunting Dvx1.78Act/Hor/Sci/ThrLance Henriksen 5
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World DVD2.35Com/Dra/Rom/SciBrad Morris 7
Self/less DVD2.35Act/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrRyan Reynolds 6
Serenity DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrNathan Fillion 8
Shank Dvx2.35Act/SciKedar Williams-Stirling 4
Shark Week DVD1.78Act/Hor/SciYancy Butler 2
Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre DVD{?}Act/Hor/SciDominique Swain 3
Sharknado DVD19Hor/SciIan Ziering 4
Short Circuit DVD2.35Com/Fam/SciAlly Sheedy 6
Short Circuit 2 DVD1.85Com/Fam/SciTim Blaney 5
Signs Blu1.85Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrMel Gibson 7
Skinwalker Ranch DVD{?}Bio/Hor/Mys/Sci/ThrTaylor Bateman 5
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow DVD1.85Act/Adv/Mys/Sci/ThrGwyneth Paltrow 6
Skyline Blu2.35Act/Sci/ThrEric Balfour 5
Skyrunners DVD{?}Fam/SciJoey Pollari 5
Sleep Dealer Dvx1.85Dra/Rom/Sci/ThrLeonor Varela 6
Slither DVD1.85Com/Hor/SciNathan Fillion 7
SnakeHead Swamp DVD19SciAyla Kell 4
Snow Queen (The) DVD{?}Act/Adv/Fan/Hor/SciNadia Lanfranconi 3
Snowpiercer DVD1.85Act/Sci/ThrChris Evans 7
Sonic the Hedgehog DVD1.33Ani/Act/Adv/Com/Fam/Fan/SciJaleel White 7
Sound of Thunder (A) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Hor/Sci/ThrArmin Rohde 4
Source Code Dvx1.85Mys/Sci/ThrJake Gyllenhaal 8
Source Code Blu1.85Mys/Sci/ThrJake Gyllenhaal 8
Southland Tales Scn2.35Com/Dra/Sci/ThrDwayne Johnson 6
Space Battleship Yamato Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciTakuya Kimura 6
Space Chimps R52.35Ani/Adv/Com/Fam/Rom/SciAndy Samberg 4
Species III DVD{?}Sci/Hor/ThrRobin Dunne 4
Speed of Thought (The) Dvx{?}Sci/ThrNick Stahl 5
Spider-Man DVD1.85Act/Fan/Sci/ThrTobey Maguire 7
Spider-Man 2 DVD2.35Act/Fan/Sci/ThrTobey Maguire 8
Spider-Man 3 R52.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrTobey Maguire 7
Spiders DVD1.85Hor/SciLana Parrilla 4
Spiders DVD1.78Sci/ThrChrista Campbell 3
Split Second DVD1.66Act/Hor/SciRutger Hauer 6
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over DVD1.78Act/Adv/Com/Fam/Fan/SciAntonio Banderas 4
Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D Blu1.85Act/Adv/Com/Fam/SciJessica Alba 4
Star Quest: The Odyssey Dvx{?}SciAaron Ginn-forsberg 2
Star Trek DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Pine 8
Star Trek Blu2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Pine 8
Star Trek Beyond DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrChris Pine 7
Star Trek Into Darkness DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciChris Pine 8
Star Trek: Nemesis DVD2.35Act/Adv/Dra/Sci/ThrPatrick Stewart 6
Star Trek: Renegades DVD{?}Act/Adv/SciAdrienne Wilkinson 5
Star Trek: The Motion Picture DVD2.35Adv/SciWilliam Shatner 6
Star Trek: The Next Generation - (TV Series) DVD37Act/Adv/SciPatrick Stewart 9
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 6 DVD37Act/Adv/SciPatrick Stewart 9
Star Wars Episode IV - new hope DVD2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 9
Star Wars Episode IV - new hope Blu2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 9
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciLiam Neeson 6
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Blu2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciLiam Neeson 6
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones DVD1.81Act/Adv/Fan/Mys/Rom/SciEwan McGregor 7
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Blu1.81Act/Adv/Fan/Mys/Rom/SciEwan McGregor 7
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith DVD1.81Act/Adv/Fan/SciEwan McGregor 8
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Blu1.81Act/Adv/Fan/SciEwan McGregor 8
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back DVD2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 9
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Blu2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 9
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi DVD2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 8
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi Blu2.20Act/Adv/Fan/SciMark Hamill 8
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciHarrison Ford 8
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Dvx2.35Ani/Act/Adv/SciMatt Lanter 5
Stargate Blu2.35Act/Adv/SciKurt Russell 7
Stargate: Continuum Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Fan/SciBen Browder 8
Stargate: The Ark of Truth Dvx1.78Adv/Fan/SciBen Browder 7
Starship Troopers DVD1.85Act/Adv/Sci/ThrCasper Van Dien 7
Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation DVD1.78Act/Adv/Hor/SciBill Brown 4
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder DVD1.85Act/Adv/Hor/SciCasper Van Dien 5
Starship: Rising DVD{?}Act/SciDarren Jacobs 3
Stealth DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJosh Lucas 5
Stepford Wives (The) DVD1.85Com/Dra/Sci/ThrNicole Kidman 5
Storage 24 DVD1.85Hor/SciNoel Clarke 4
Suicide Squad DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciWill Smith 6
Sunshine DVD2.35Adv/Sci/ThrRose Byrne 7
Super 8 Dvx2.35Mys/Sci/ThrKyle Chandler 7
Superhero Movie DVD1.85Act/Com/Sci/ThrDrake Bell 4
Superman Returns DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciBrandon Routh 7
Surrogates R52.35Act/Sci/ThrBruce Willis 6
Survival code (2013) DVD{?}Act/SciTy Olsson 6
Survivalist (The) DVD2.35Dra/Sci/ThrMia Goth 6
Survivors DVD37SciLucy Fleming 8
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Taken DVD1.78Dra/SciJulie Benz 8
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/Fan/SciMegan Fox 6
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows DVD2.35Act/Adv/Com/SciMegan Fox 6
Tekken Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciJon Foo 5
Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D 3D{?}Ani/Act/SciIsshin Chiba 6
Terminator (The) DVD1.85Act/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 8
Terminator 2: Judgment Day DVD2.20Act/Adv/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 8
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 7
Terminator Genisys DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrArnold Schwarzenegger 7
Terminator Salvation Scn2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrChristian Bale 7
Terminators (The) Dvx1.78Act/Hor/SciJeremy London 2
Territory 8 DVD{?}Dra/Sci/ThrMichael A. Tushaus 3
Thaw (The) Dvx2.35Hor/Sci/ThrMartha MacIsaac 5
They Are Among Us DVD{?}Sci/ThrMichael Orr Hughes 4
Thing (The) Dvx2.35Hor/Mys/Sci/ThrMary Elizabeth Winstead 6
Thunderbirds DVD1.33Act/Fam/SciPeter Dyneley 7
Thunderbirds DVD1.85Act/Adv/Com/Fam/Fan/SciBrady Corbet 4
Time Lapse DVD{?}Sci/ThrDanielle Panabaker 6
Time Machine (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciGuy Pearce 5
Timecop DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Timeline DVD2.35Adv/Fan/SciPaul Walker 5
Tomorrowland: A World Beyond DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fam/Mys/SciGeorge Clooney 6
Total Recall DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrColin Farrell 6
Toxic Skies Dvx1.78Dra/SciPeter Abrams 5
Transcendence DVD2.35Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJohnny Depp 6
Transformers DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrShia LaBeouf 8
Transformers: Age of Extinction DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciMark Wahlberg 6
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Blu2.35Act/Adv/SciShia LaBeouf 6
Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D2.35Act/Adv/SciShia LaBeouf 6
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Cam1.44Act/Adv/Sci/ThrShia LaBeouf 6
Transformers: The Movie (The) DVD1.37Act/Ani/Fam/SciNorman Alden 7
Transmorphers Dvx2.35SciAmy Weber 2
Tremors 4: The Legend Begins DVD{?}Act/Com/Hor/Sci/Thr/WesMichael Gross 5
Tripping the Rift Dvx{?}Ani/Com/Fan/SciStephen Root 7
TRON: Legacy Dvx1.78Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJeff Bridges 7
TRON: Legacy Blu1.78Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJeff Bridges 7
TRON: Legacy 3D1.78Act/Adv/Sci/ThrJeff Bridges 7
True Bloodthirst DVD{?}Act/Hor/SciBen Lambert 4
Turbo Kid DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrMunro Chambers 7
Tuxedo (The) DVD1.85Act/Com/SciJackie Chan 5
Twelve Monkeys DVD1.85Dra/Sci/ThrJoseph Melito 8
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Ultimate Avengers DVD1.78Act/Adv/Ani/SciJustin Gross 7
Ultraviolet DVD1.85Act/Sci/ThrMilla Jovovich 4
Undead DVD1.85Com/Hor/SciFelicity Mason 6
Under the Skin DVD1.85Dra/Sci/ThrScarlett Johansson 7
Underdog Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Com/Fam/SciJason Lee 4
Unidentified Dvx{?}SciJonathan Aube 4
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrJean-Claude Van Damme 5
Universal Soldiers Dvx2.35Act/SciKristen Quintrall 2
Upside Down DVD2.35Dra/Fan/Rom/SciKirsten Dunst 6
Utopia DVD{?}Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrJames Fox 9
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
V for Vendetta Dvx2.35Act/Dra/Sci/ThrNatalie Portman 8
V: The Final Battle DVD1.33SciJane Badler 8
Vampire Wars Scn1.85Act/Hor/SciLeanne Adachi 4
Vanilla Sky DVD1.85Dra/Mys/Rom/Sci/ThrTom Cruise 7
Vice DVD{?}Act/Adv/Sci/ThrAmbyr Childers 4
Victor Frankenstein DVD2.35Dra/Sci/ThrDaniel Radcliffe 6
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
WALL-E DVD2.35Ani/Com/Fam/Rom/SciBen Burtt 9
Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit DVD1.85Adv/Ani/Com/Fam/SciPeter Sallis 8
War of the Worlds DVD1.85Act/Adv/Sci/ThrTom Cruise 7
War of the Worlds (The) DVD1.37Act/Dra/Hor/Sci/ThrGene Barry 7
War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave Dvx1.78Act/Adv/SciFred Griffith 2
Watch (The) DVD2.35Com/SciBen Stiller 6
Weaponized DVD{?}Act/Sci/ThrTom Sizemore 5
Westworld DVD2.35Act/Sci/Thr/WesYul Brynner 7
White Noise DVD2.35Dra/Hor/Mys/Sci/ThrMichael Keaton 5
Wolverine (The) DVD2.35Act/Adv/Fan/SciHugh Jackman 7
Wonderful Days Dvx1.85Act/Ani/Fan/SciMarc Worden 7
World's End (The) DVD2.35Act/Com/SciThomas Law 7
Wraiths of Roanoke Dvx{?}Fan/Hor/Mys/SciAdrian Paul 4
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
X-Men DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X-Men Blu2.35Act/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X-Men Origins: Wolverine R52.35Act/Fan/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Blu2.35Act/Fan/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X-Men: Apocalypse DVD2.35Act/Adv/SciJames McAvoy 7
X-Men: Days of Future Past DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 8
X-Men: First Class Dvx2.35Act/Adv/Dra/SciJames McAvoy 8
X-Men: The Last Stand DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X-Men: The Last Stand Blu2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrHugh Jackman 7
X Files: I Want to Believe (The) Dvx2.35Mys/SciDavid Duchovny 7
X2 DVD2.35Act/Sci/ThrPatrick Stewart 8
X2 Blu2.35Act/Sci/ThrPatrick Stewart 8
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
You Only Live Twice DVD2.35Act/Adv/Sci/ThrSean Connery 7
Young Ones DVD2.35Act/Dra/Sci/WesElle Fanning 6
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Genre: Sci-Fi FormatAspectGenreActorStars
Z for Zachariah DVD2.35Dra/Sci/ThrChiwetel Ejiofor 6
Zero Theorem (The) DVD1.85Dra/Fan/SciChristoph Waltz 6
ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction Dvx1.85Com/Hor/SciJanette Armand 5
Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse Dvx{?}Act/SciChristopher Lloyd 3
Zoom DVD1.85Act/Adv/Fam/SciTim Allen 2
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