Year: 2016 My Private Movie Collection
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
10 Cloverfield Lane 12ADra/Hor/Mys/Sci/ThrJohn Goodman(Not Specified)tt1179933
5th Wave (The) 15Act/Adv/Sci/ThrChloë Grace Moretz(Not Specified)tt2304933
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Abattoir 18Hor/ThrJessica Lowndes(Not Specified)tt1480285
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie 15Com/CriLulu(Not Specified)tt2112096
Accountant (The) 15Act/Cri/Dra/ThrBen Affleck(Not Specified)tt2140479
Alice Through the Looking Glass PGAdv/Fam/FanJohnny Depp(Not Specified)tt2567026
Alienate 15Dra/Hor/Sci/ThrBlake Webb(Not Specified)tt2324928
Allegiant 12AAct/Adv/Mys/Sci/ThrShailene Woodley(Not Specified)tt3410834
Altamira {?}Dra/HisClément Sibony(Not Specified)tt3014910
American Conjuring 18HorChloe Bear(Not Specified)tt2425866
AmeriGeddon {?}ActAliya Astaphan(Not Specified)tt4059702
Angry Birds UAni/Act/Com/FamJason Sudeikis(Not Specified)tt1985949
Army of One {?}ComNicolas Cage(Not Specified)tt4382824
Arrowhead 15Act/Adv/Mys/SciAleisha Rose(Not Specified)tt3013160
Assassin x {?}ActOlivier Gruner(Not Specified)tt3616894
Assassination 15Act/ThrJohnny Messner(Not Specified)tt4177822
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Bad Moms 15ComMila Kunis(Not Specified)tt4651520
Ben-Hur 12AAct/Adv/DraJack Huston(Not Specified)tt2638144
Beyond the Call to Duty 15Act/Dra/Sci/Thr/WarKevin Tanski(Not Specified)tt2351392
Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich {?}Act/His/WarSean Patrick Flanery(Not Specified)tt5050200
Billions {?}DraToby Leonard Moore(Not Specified)tt4270492
Blair Witch 15Hor/ThrJames Allen McCune(Not Specified)tt1540011
Blood Father 15Act/Cri/ThrMel Gibson(Not Specified)tt3647498
Boost 15Act/Cri/DraDanny Trejo(Not Specified)tt3263096
Boss (The) 15ComMelissa McCarthy(Not Specified)tt2702724
Breakdown 15ThrCraig Fairbrass(Not Specified)tt3381610
Bridget Jones's Baby 15Com/RomRenée Zellweger(Not Specified)tt1473832
Broken Vows {?}ThrWes Bentley(Not Specified)tt3701714
Bus Driver {?}ActSteven Chase(Not Specified)tt3453648
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Captain America: Civil War 12AAct/Adv/SciChris Evans(Not Specified)tt3498820
Carnage Park 18Act/Cri/Hor/ThrAshley Bell(Not Specified)tt4335650
Casual Encounters 15ComTaran Killam(Not Specified)tt3074546
Cell 15Hor/Sci/ThrJohn Cusack(Not Specified)tt0775440
Central Intelligence 12AAct/Com/CriDwayne Johnson(Not Specified)tt1489889
Choice (The) 12ADra/RomBenjamin Walker(Not Specified)tt3797868
Chosen {?}Dra/WarLuke Mably(Not Specified)tt4082524
Citizen Soldier {?}Doc/ActJordan Alex(Not Specified)tt4911408
Complete Unknown {?}Dra/MysErin Darke(Not Specified)tt4230700
Conjuring 2 (The) 15Hor/Mys/ThrPatrick Wilson(Not Specified)tt3065204
Containment {?}DraDavid Gyasi(Not Specified)tt4421578
Countdown 15ActNick Nemeth(Not Specified)tt4872162
Criminal 15Act/Cri/Dra/Mys/Sci/ThrKevin Costner(Not Specified)tt3014866
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny {?}Act/Adv/Dra/FanDonnie Yen(Not Specified)tt2652118
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Dad's Army PGCom/WarMark Tandy(Not Specified)tt4104054
David and Goliath {?}Act/Adv/DraMatt Berberi(Not Specified)tt4352408
David Brent: Life on the Road 15Com/MscRicky Gervais(Not Specified)tt3137630
Daylight's End {?}Act/Fan/Hor/SciJohnny Strong(Not Specified)tt3007132
Dead Rising: Endgame 18Act/HorJesse Metcalfe(Not Specified)tt5481404
Deadpool 15Act/Adv/Com/Rom/SciRyan Reynolds(Not Specified)tt1431045
Denial 12ABio/DraRachel Weisz(Not Specified)tt4645330
Despite the Falling Snow 12ADra/Mys/Rom/ThrRebecca Ferguson(Not Specified)tt2474932
Dirty Grandpa 15ComRobert De Niro(Not Specified)tt1860213
Duel (The) {?}Dra/WesLiam Hemsworth(Not Specified)tt2436682
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Eddie the Eagle PGBio/Com/Dra/SpoTom Costello(Not Specified)tt1083452
Elvis & Nixon 15Com/HisMichael Shannon(Not Specified)tt2093991
Equity 15DraAnna Gunn(Not Specified)tt3958780
Evil in Us (The) 18HorDavid Aboussafy(Not Specified)tt4035898
Exorcist House of Evil 15Hor/Mys/ThrCara Artman(Not Specified)tt4864584
Exposed 15Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrAna de Armas(Not Specified)tt4019560
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Fifty Shades of Black 18ComMarlon Wayans(Not Specified)tt4667094
Fight to the Finish {?}Act/Rom/SpoTonya Kay(Not Specified)tt3152288
Finding Dory UAni/Adv/Com/FamEllen DeGeneresAndrew Stantontt2277860
Forest (The) 15Hor/Mys/ThrNatalie Dormer(Not Specified)tt3387542
Free State of Jones 15Act/Bio/Dra/His/WarMatthew McConaughey(Not Specified)tt1124037
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Ghostbusters 12AAct/Com/Fan/SciZach Woods(Not Specified)tt1289401
Ghosthunters {?}HorFrancesca Santoro(Not Specified)tt5725894
Girl on the Train (The) 15Dra/Mys/ThrEmily Blunt(Not Specified)tt3631112
Gods of Egypt 12AAct/Adv/FanBrenton Thwaites(Not Specified)tt2404233
Green is Gold {?}Cri/DraDerek W. Adam(Not Specified)tt5143704
Grimsby 15Act/Adv/ComSacha Baron Cohen(Not Specified)tt3381008
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Hail, Caesar! 12ACom/MysJosh Brolin(Not Specified)tt0475290
Hands of Stone {?}Act/Bio/Dra/SpoEdgar Ramírez(Not Specified)tt1781827
Harley and the Davidsons {?}BioMichiel Huisman(Not Specified)tt5111414
Hell or High Water 15Cri/Dra/WesDale Dickey(Not Specified)tt2582782
Hologram for the King (A) 12ACom/DraTom Hanks(Not Specified)tt2980210
Home Invasion 15ThrJason Patric(Not Specified)tt5351000
Honey 3: Dare to Dance 12Dra/Fam/Msc/RomCassie Ventura(Not Specified)tt4677938
How to Be Single 15Com/RomDakota Johnson(Not Specified)tt1292566
Huntsman: Winter's War (The) 12AAct/Adv/Dra/FanChris Hemsworth(Not Specified)tt2381991
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
I Am Not a Serial Killer 15Dra/Hor/ThrChristopher Lloyd(Not Specified)tt4303340
I Am Wrath 15Act/Cri/Dra/ThrJohn Travolta(Not Specified)tt3212232
I.T. {?}Cri/Dra/Mys/ThrPierce Brosnan(Not Specified)tt2679552
Ice Age: Collision Course UAni/Adv/Com/Fam/SciStephanie Beatriz(Not Specified)tt3416828
Ice Sharks {?}Act/Adv/Hor/SciEdward DeRuiter(Not Specified)tt5901326
ID2: Shadwell Army 18ActSimon Rivers(Not Specified)tt3652964
In a Valley of Violence 15WesEthan Hawke(Not Specified)tt3608930
Independents' Day 12Act/SciFay Gauthier(Not Specified)tt5720450
Infiltrator (The) 15Bio/Cri/Dra/ThrBryan Cranston(Not Specified)tt1355631
Interrogation {?}Act/ThrJulia Benson(Not Specified)tt4497338
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Jane Got a Gun 15Act/Dra/WesNatalie Portman(Not Specified)tt2140037
Jason Bourne 12AAct/ThrMatt Damon(Not Specified)tt4196776
Jungle Book (The) PGAdv/Dra/Fam/FanNeel Sethi(Not Specified)tt3040964
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Kickboxer: Vengeance 15ActAlain Moussi(Not Specified)tt3082898
Kill Command 15Act/Hor/SciVanessa Kirby(Not Specified)tt2667380
Killing Salazar {?}ActSteven Seagal(Not Specified)tt4949290
Kung Fu Panda 3 PGAni/Act/Adv/Com/Fam/FanJack Black(Not Specified)tt2267968
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Laid in America 15ComOlajide Olatunji(Not Specified)tt4706888
Legend of Tarzan (The) 12AAct/Adv/Dra/RomAlexander Skarsgård(Not Specified)tt0918940
Lethal Weapon {?}Act/Cri/Dra/ThrDamon Wayans(Not Specified)tt5164196
Level (The) {?}Dra/ThrLindsey Coulson(Not Specified)tt5810626
Little Dead Rotting Hood {?}HorEric Balfour(Not Specified)tt5113086
London Has Fallen 15Act/Cri/Dra/ThrAlon Aboutboul(Not Specified)tt3300542
Love Finds You in Valentine {?}Dra/RomMichaela McManus(Not Specified)tt4769430
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Magnificent Seven (The) 12AAct/Adv/WesDenzel Washington(Not Specified)tt2404435
Marauders {?}Act/Cri/ThrBruce Willis(Not Specified)tt3963816
Masterminds 12AAct/Com/CriKristen Wiig(Not Specified)tt2461150
Mechanic: Resurrection 15Act/Cri/ThrJason Statham(Not Specified)tt3522806
Midnight Man (The) {?}Cri/ThrWill Kemp(Not Specified)tt3685586
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates 15Adv/Com/RomZac Efron(Not Specified)tt2823054
Miracles from Heaven 12ABio/Dra/Fam/FanJennifer Garner(Not Specified)tt4257926
Misconduct 15Dra/ThrJosh Duhamel(Not Specified)tt3658772
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 12AAdv/Dra/Fam/FanEva Green(Not Specified)tt1935859
Mob Handed 18ThrLysette Anthony(Not Specified)tt2931148
Money {?}Cri/ThrKellan Lutz(Not Specified)tt4715356
Money Monster 15Cri/Dra/ThrGeorge Clooney(Not Specified)tt2241351
Mower Minions {?}Ani/Srt/Com/FamPierre Coffin(Not Specified)tt5873098
Mr. Church {?}DraEddie Murphy(Not Specified)tt4196848
Mr. Pig {?}DraDanny Glover(Not Specified)tt2722504
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 12ACom/Fam/RomNia Vardalos(Not Specified)tt3760922
Mystery! Sherlock: The Abominable Bride {?}MysAlan Cumming(Not Specified)tt5284492
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Neighbour (The) 18Cri/Hor/ThrJosh Stewart(Not Specified)tt3330764
Never Back Down: No Surrender 15ActMichael Jai White(Not Specified)tt4790268
Nice Guys (The) 15Act/Com/Cri/Mys/ThrRussell Crowe(Not Specified)tt3799694
Night Watchman (The) {?}Dra/Hor/ThrMatt Horan(Not Specified)tt5774012
Now You See Me 2 12AAct/Adv/Com/Cri/Mys/ThrJesse Eisenberg(Not Specified)tt3110958
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Offering (The) 18Dra/Hor/Mys/ThrDaeng Amer Omar(Not Specified)tt3894404
Other Side of the Mirror (The) 12Dra/Fan/HisAdrien Gamache(Not Specified)tt2260254
Our Kind of Traitor 15ThrCarlos Acosta(Not Specified)tt1995390
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Perfect Weapon (The) {?}Act/SciSteven Seagal(Not Specified)tt4616250
Pete's Dragon PGAdv/Fam/FanBryce Dallas Howard(Not Specified)tt2788732
Playing with Dolls: Bloodlust {?}HorRichard Tyson(Not Specified)tt4980812
Precious Cargo 15Act/Com/Cri/Dra/ThrBruce Willis(Not Specified)tt4651410
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Race PGBio/Dra/SpoStephan James(Not Specified)tt3499096
Ratchet & Clank UAni/Act/Adv/Com/Fam/SciPaul Giamatti(Not Specified)tt2865120
Red Billabong {?}Act/Adv/ThrDan Ewing(Not Specified)tt4011010
Remains (The) {?}Hor/ThrTodd Lowe(Not Specified)tt3894312
Rillington Place {?}CriJodie ComerJodie Comertt5568438
Risen 12AAct/Adv/Dra/MysJoseph Fiennes(Not Specified)tt3231054
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Sacrifice {?}ThrRadha Mitchell(Not Specified)tt2078718
Sausage Party 15Ani/Adv/Com/FanAlistair Abell(Not Specified)tt1700841
Secret Life of Pets (The) UAni/Adv/Com/FamLouis C.K.(Not Specified)tt2709768
Shallows (The) 15Dra/Hor/ThrBlake Lively(Not Specified)tt4052882
Silicon Cowboys {?}Doc(Not Specified)(Not Specified)tt4938484
SiREN {?}HorChase Williamson(Not Specified)tt4667854
Siren Song {?}Hor/MysC. Thomas Howell(Not Specified)tt3184720
Sniper: Special Ops 15Act/Dra/WarSteven Seagal(Not Specified)tt5344794
Standoff 15Dra/ThrThomas Jane(Not Specified)tt3703908
Star Trek Beyond 12AAct/Adv/Sci/ThrChris PineJustin Lintt2660888
Submerged {?}Act/ThrJonathan Bennett(Not Specified)tt3236976
Suicide Squad 15Act/Adv/Fan/SciWill Smith(Not Specified)tt1386697
Sully: Miracle on the Hudson 12ABio/DraTom Hanks(Not Specified)tt3263904
Swan Princess: Princess Tomorrow, Pirate Today! (The) UAni/Adv/Com/Fam/MusLaura Bailey(Not Specified)tt5915572
Swiss Army Man 15Adv/Com/Dra/FanPaul Dano(Not Specified)tt4034354
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 12AAct/Adv/Com/SciMegan Fox(Not Specified)tt3949660
The BFG PGAdv/Fam/FanMark Rylance(Not Specified)tt3691740
The dog lover {?}DraJames Remar(Not Specified)tt4063178
Time Rush {?}ActHari Das Ahatefu(Not Specified)tt3399078
Triple 9 {?}Srt/DraAshley Scott(Not Specified)tt5726392
Trust (The) 15Cri/ThrNicolas Cage(Not Specified)tt3733774
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage 15Act/WarNicolas Cage(Not Specified)tt2032572
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Vanished: Left Behind - Next Generation {?}AdvAmber Frank(Not Specified)tt4661680
Victoria 12Bio/Dra/HisJenna ColemanJenna Colemantt5137338
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Warcraft: The Beginning 12AAct/Adv/FanTravis Fimmel(Not Specified)tt0803096
Weaponized {?}Act/Sci/ThrTom Sizemore(Not Specified)tt4776564
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 15Bio/Com/Dra/WarTina Fey(Not Specified)tt3553442
Who Gets the Dog? {?}ComAlicia Silverstone(Not Specified)tt1949605
Wiener-Dog 15Com/DraKeaton Nigel Cooke(Not Specified)tt4144190
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
X-Men: Apocalypse 12AAct/Adv/SciJames McAvoy(Not Specified)tt3385516
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Young Messiah (The) {?}DraAdam Greaves-Neal(Not Specified)tt1002563
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Year: 2016 CertificateGenreActorDirectorIMDb No
Zootopia PGAni/Adv/Com/Cri/Fam/MysGinnifer Goodwin(Not Specified)tt2948356
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